can you identify this problem?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by zebot, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I've got an issue with some recently transplanted clones, however i'm not sure what it is...

    i'm growing with promix HP soilless mix. any ideas? thanks for lookin'

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  2. Just straight promix? Nothing added?

    What is your runoff pH?

  3. Ph is outta wack, and
    a micro-nute def.

  4. thanks for the replies

    the mix that i transplanted into was some leftover re-hydrated mix. It originally had been mixed to 6.1pH with some of my regular flowering and grow nutes, at 1/4 strength, nothing over 300ppm. however since i added molasses and some other things (B1, plantacillin) that could have decomposed, maybe the acidity has changed. i haven't actually added enough water to achieve runoff to measure the current pH.

    I will flush with enough water to get a runoff reading and correct it. then add some micro in a small amount? should I add some regular nutes again after flush to sustain its growth once i've flushed?

    any other thoughts?
  5. Sounds like u know what your doin man.

    Ya, Id also still feed em the macros too - maybe at 1/2 strength to start off.

    That soil mix sounds like its gonna be the bomb. Its prolly full of good microbes
    because of the molasses.

    And good for u man - youre the only other blade around here, besides myself, that
    uses B1 in the soil !!! I think more growers should know about its benefits for the roots.

    Im + reppin ya for that dude.

  6. yeah man thanks for the reply and the kindness.. B1's the shit, and so is plantacillin :) I used to use tons of stuff, ie growzyme/hydrozyme, H202, sm-90, carbo load(aka molasses), sweet (aka molasses), all this crap that you don't need and actually interfere with it all.. they are good to have for special occasions.

    plantacillin is great with b1 plus some half strength nutes at the right ph is all you need, and a green thumb/luck whatever you call it. add organic blackstrap molasses and you've got lots of additional goodies for the microbes, and fuel for the good GB03 bacteria in the plantacillin. plus molasses apparantly chelates the nutrients, making it more available for the plant. I only use about 20 ml of it in 12 liters of water.

    Anyways I treated the girls to a nice mix of 1ml Bee One, .5ml plantacillin, .5ml micro then .8ml grow, dose in 1 liter of 5.9ph water, 300ppm they look much better, and are growing green and starting to flower :)
  7. I really like your approach to feeding the soil man.
    I rep'd u already lol.


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