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    Have you ever had a week, where after it, you dont feel like living. I am sort of stuck inside of myself, and I just want to get out of this place Im at. I almost feel like I am trapped, and I think I have aqcuired some emotional disorder. One day I will be completely happy and the next day I will do nothing but cry. I really wish I could get passed this, the emotions are killing me inside. I think I am subconciouslly trying to put myself into bad health by taking stuff. The last time I did a psychedelic, it was about 2 weeks ago, I couldnt shake the thought of killing myself, and I know that sounds bad, but I was just thinking about how no one would truely miss me if I was gone and it cut in deep.
  2. Well it's clear what the case is: you're depressed. There's no really way for me to help you other than some superficial consoling words over the internet. I know what you're talking about, except I'm not depressed anymore, I've just learned not to care. You should do the same.

    I doubt that you have some kind of emotional disorder, it's just the "inner you" exposing itself. That's what you actually feel like, except you've managed to cover it up sometimes. Depression sucks shit dude, but the trouble is there's not much you can do about it other than just stop caring. Idk man just chill with your friends, or get a girl
  3. stop caring is a bad idea. its better to try and manage your depression and get to the core problem of why you might have these emotion feelings.
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    Care to fill us in on some things that might of happened in your life that were bad and really hurt you? Those are most likely what are causing your depression.
  5. Start being healthy start exercising. I know more about depression and being down in the dumps than a lot of people here do. Believe me that cliche doctor advice works for depression. Id take a break from any kind of drug for at least a few weeks. My depression has gotten 100x better since I started eating better and running every day. Smoking less and abstaining from drinking when the depressing is really bad (trust me alcohol skyrockets depression and anxiety)

    GL man hope you find something that works for you
  6. I'm going through the same thing, but I know that if I killed myself (though I have no intention and wouldn't) people would miss me.
    I don't have many friends but the few I have I like. It works out. I'm not rich but I can feed myself and do drugs. I don't get laid too much but I have a girlfriend and I have fast internet.
    Life's for living man, go have some fun. If you really feel terrible for more then 2-3 weeks, seek help! And if you don't want to get profesional help, go try to find MDMA, it was made for things like therapy and feeling better about yourself!!
  7. Smoking weed is bad when you're depressed? Why?
  8. Well, I guess that is the thing. A lot of stuff happened this year, and I tried to do drugs to forget about it. Like its always something with a girl, when all I want is someone honest, but I always get cheated on. I got put on diversion for beating up a kid who slept with my ex, and now I just dont feel like I am good enough of a person for anyone. So basically I am depressed about my life, I am stuck in the same fucking routine every fucking day. I keep telling myself I am going to go out and get something done, but it never happens. Even though I did the community service for my diversion, they are saying that I have to do more of it, because they are the ones who fucked up in telling me what I needed to complete. I only have like 5 more days to get it done. I swear to god if I get charged with that bullshit, I wont show up in court, I wont show up in anyones life besides the newspaper obituaries, I swear to fucking god. I have paid so much money for diversion, and for what. My life is completely ruined.
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    Heavy smoking is.

    Personal experience I couldnt give you a scientific reason. Heavy smoking is bad for your mind in general you cant be high all the time and expect things to just stay normal. If you think that heavy smoking can't be bad for you you are just being ignorant. Marijuana can be harmful to you if abused just like anything else. Obviously how it effects you depends on the person and their brain chemistry.

    Ive seen the most change in my depression when I dont smoke.
  10. I have noticed this, but I mean, problems are piling up fast for me, regardless if I am stoned or not. I actually havent smoked yet today for that reason. Smoking and depression isnt a good combo. I feel like running away from my life. I think doing drugs is the only thing I am good at anymore.
  11. Dude man ive seen a friend of mine when he was depressed, let me tell you how he hated it. he told me to NEVER be depressed and thats how life is and yes lifes a bitch, but then things always happen for a reason, and keep ya head up man seeing another person depressed sucks, ive never been there before, hopefully never will.. but remmember this from now on look at the positives in life, fuck what happened in the past, the past is the past, if you wanna live your life do the shit you want to do. fuck what everyone elses thinks/says. and from now CHANGE is what you need. hope i helped you in any way cause im so fuckin baked right now and everything i just wrote made sense to me.. gl!:smoking::wave::hello:
  12. Stop thinking like that, it'll just make you feel worse. If you keep saying "My life sucks, it's completely ruined", then your life WILL suck and be completely ruined. But I feel you man, getting cheated on by someone you care about sucks shit. You could probably do a lot better than your ex, there are lots of fish in the sea and one of them will be so much better for you.

    I like Jdahms idea with the exercising thing. Get your mind off the past, keep yourself busy, and then try to move on with life; meet a new girl, hang out with some friends, etc.

    Try not to dwell on bad things that have happened in the past, that's what life is. Sometimes it's awesome, and sometimes its suckish. This is just another bump on the road, eventually your life will be good again. Try thinking like that
  13. Man, trust me, people will miss you.

    There are completely 100% random strangers who have never even seen you face to face trying to help you out on these forums, think about that for a while, and trust me, these random people do care about you, so people who actually know you in real life REALLY do care for you and would horribly miss you if you were gone. Its hard to see past the mask people put up for themselves, people might pretend or seem like they do not care about you, but really they do .

    Try to get a good diet going and exercise even a little bit (go ride a bike or something) and you will feel a lot better about a whole lot. It sounds weird, but it works. Get a new hobby or something to immerse your self into other than drugs, try new things, or go back to things you haven't done in ages (ride a bicycle or something.)

    Depression isn't a instant cure type of thing, it takes time, but your life will be much better once you learn how to manage it and truly embrace it. You need to be honest with your self, don't let your ego get in the way of what is making you depressed, think deep down and find out what it is and think about it. Hell if you need help, post what it is here, no ones going to judge you on it in this community.
  14. Excercise doesnt work anymore. I walk 5 miles everyday and am in the best shape I have ever been in. I have like no fat on my body. Its been like this the whole year though, and progressively its gotten more difficult to manage.

    EDIT: The last time I was truely happy is when I was in the mountains. But I live on shitty flatland.
  15. Get a dog. Or a cat. A loving pet that you can care for and they will love back.

    I know exactuly what you mean about the mountains too.
  16. No matter what you think, there are people in your life who WILL miss you when you're gone. You may not even realize it, and I know it's hard, but think about if your best friend killed themselves and left you all alone. If you won't keep yourself alive for you, at least try do it for someone else.

    Things will look up. They always do. Up and downs are just part of life, stay strong and just don't let the downs get too deep.
  17. I know what you mean about the mountains, too.
    Keep your head uppp man! Try to think of the future. Fuck the past. You gotta believe in yourself, that you can overcome whatever shit piles up in your life and that good will come out of it. There will be a happier time in your life if you work for it. Man you gotta work! Nothing comes easily, but you really can't give up. Just keep looking and trying for happiness, for a way to get back to the mountains. Keep thinking of the future, the time you'll be happy and how you're going to get there.

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