Can you help me find this bong online?

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  1. I know this is going to be somewhat a shot in the dark but can you help me find this bong online? [​IMG]
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    i really mean no offense by this, i'm just curious. but why that particular bong? it looks like just a normal straight tube to me.

    Edit: i looked a bunch of places, couldn't find anything with that particular logo.
  3. whoa.. that is some crazy cheap glass on glass.. i dont care how "crappy" it may be.. but $20 for a gong is a pretty sweet deal no matter what... is that site legit?

    edit: nevermind.. there is a carb.. bleh
  4. Thanks for your help everyone. I just wanted to see if this bong was listed anywhere on the internet to see what kind of price it is and who made it. I guess it's a noname bong.
  5. It's a mass-produced Chinese tube, I see this style of tube with that ice pinch in LHS' all the time, they blast all kinds of random logos on them.

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