can you help me choose the right LED light from Ebay

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Dixter7, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. hey guys i'd like to buy LED grow light from ebay but it's really confusing
    i can buy an "unbranded" grow light 1000w for around 75$
    or a branded one for a higher price
    here are the options i can buy from (i can't buy from the US because i'll have to pay lots of customs)
    china it is :3
    my budget is around 150$ for LED

    bestva 600w
    Bestva 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Panel for Indoor Plant Flower Veg Bloom | eBay

    bestva 800w
    Bestva 800W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Lamp for Indoor Plants Veg Bloom Flower | eBay

    bestva 1000w
    1000W LED Grow Light Panel Full Spcturm for Indoor Plants Flower Veg and Bloom | eBay

    bestva 1200w plus+
    Bestva 1200W Plus+ Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Panel For Medical Plants Flower | eBay

    (the bestva seems cheap and good to me)

    CASTNOO 1000W
    CASTNOO 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp Indoor Medical Plant Flower Bloom FN | eBay

    bossled 1200W
    BOSSLED 1200W Plus LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Veg Flower Plant Lamp | eBay

    no brand 1000w
    1000W Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light Veg Bloom Lamp Indoor Greenhouse ZY | eBay

    i'm growing in sunlight (4 plants) this LED light will back them up at night
    and i'm growing one plant in my closet (CFL setup 350w)
    what should i choose from that list ?
    i cant pay more than 150$ and i cant buy anything from the US :(
    thanks :D
  2. That "600 watt" light is actually 125 watts. Priced at $100...

    If you're looking at budget LEDs, Meizhi is the best choice IMO.
    ~130 actual watts for $65.
  3. but even that brand has a named watts and an actual usage
  4. Yup, most do unfortunately, I don't like that about them, but everybody I've talked to that has one has loved it.

    Either way, basically just got you twice as many watts for close to the same price, on top of it being from a reputable company (for low budget LEDs). Enjoy.

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