Can you help identify this thingy?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by blazedingo, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. See that weird oval yellow thing at the end of a hair growing from the sides of one of the fan leaves? I've got a few of those on my plant. She has a PM infection so I've been going out to spray the infected areas with organic apple cider vinegar mixed with water. My best guess is maybe it's some sort of bacteria from the mother of the vinegar?
    What do you guys think?
  2. It's called a calyx, a normal thing and standard structure when considering cannabis lady parts. It's where seeds would form if you pollinated your plants...
  3. Im talking about that yellow thing, it almost looks like it's suspended in air but it's sttached to some sort of thread... This is my first time growing and i dont know anything
  4. Damn. Didn't even notice that, and it's full on right there... :blink:

    That's an egg casing of some sort. Can't say for sure what insect laid it, but rest assured that it's something that is going to hatch and start eating your plants...

    Remove as many by hand that you can. There's no way to determine WHAT course of preventative
    action to take until you know exactly what kind of bug will emerge from said egg/cocoon...

    Start looking for "adults" on the under side of leaf surfaces. You can get more relevant advice from your "local" university agriculture extensions.

    You may or may not want to share where it is that you're growing, but it does help with diagnosing insect problems...
  5. Thanks dude for you're help- that indeed is probably an insect egg. I've been concerned about bacteria all of a sudden because I'm using unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar for the powdery mildew.
    After a brief google search I came across a website called and it looks very similar to a Green Lacewing egg. I think I've seen these around the yard, but the usual visitors to my plant are katydids, leafhoppers, and spittlebugs. I did see an aphid the other day and Green Lacewings supposedly eat those, so maybe I'll leave them be for a bit.

    If you think I should be using something other than cider vinegar for the PM, like H202 or something, I would love some advice. Thanks again
  6. Next time your fighting PM just get a nice spray bottle and mix in tsp of peroxide in a gallon of water fill the bottle and spray all the affected leaves it works wonders, and FYI when you upload your photos us the option of posting full image alot easier to zoom in on the picture that way :)

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