can you hear this tone?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Jun 7, 2006.


    it's said people over 20 are unable to hear the frequency.

    in places like the uk, shopowners are putting up these frequency emmiters to drive away teens.

    listen to it from headphones or turn your speakers up. if you receive the soundwaves directly, it causes a headache.
  2. i can hear it, and i am over 20
  4. I can hear it and it annoys the hell outta me
    that shit actually makes my head hurt. haha
  5. dont have your speakers all the wway up or everyone can hear it because its not how its supposed to be heard. have them at normal volume and it works. it makes my ears pop... weird
  6. Lol, i hear it but it hurts my head haha
  7. yeah, i started to get a headache from it .
  8. Why did i hear it?

  9. Maybe you're just living in an extended time-dilation acid trip, you're actually 12, get off the board.
  10. Shit, that'd be something to sober up to.

    The last several decades nothing but an intense acid trip.
  11. Could only hear it with my sound all the way up....yay!?

  12. Sometimes I wonder, if RIGHT when I die, my actual eyes will blink open, and i'd be an alien on a total different planet who just smoked DMT.
  13. I heard it, im 20 its anoying thats for sure.
  14. Can't hear it, but felt an intense pressure on my temples. Sucks.
  15. Kinda reminds me of Brown Sound. Word?
  16. i heard it. didnt make my head its kinda annoying tho.

  17. i should be able to hear it but all i feel is an intense pressure on my temples like someone said

  18. hahahaha thats a pretty interesting theory there, quite possible, maybe your not even on dmt, maybe ur an alien on some alien drugs that last 60-100 years and some aliens trip so hard that they passout before it ends (aka death)

    i dunno, i'm 19, i cant really hear it as much as i can just sense the presence that it started, cuz i didnt even have to look to see if it was playin i was just like "whoa that feels awkward" n i looked up n it was playing

    its kinda trippy actually, somethin i can hear but not hear at the same time
  19. i heard it. kinda of annoying, but i already had a headache haha so i cannot tell you if it gave me one.
  20. I turned 21 today, and I was able to hear it... hurt my head sorta though.

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