Can you have too much CFM for a tent?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Hello420, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hello GC,

    I purchased a Homebox growlab GL80. 31"X31"X71". I had a small closet grow and I wanted my closet back but continue the small grow so I picked up the GL80. Right now I have a 200cfm inline fan connected to a DIY cool tube, and a carbon scubber on the other end of the cool tube. Is it possible for a tent to cloapse in on itself from too much negative pressure? The tent is roughly17cu ft. and say my scubber cool tube cut cfm's by 1/2 I would still be changing air about 5 times a min. The guy at the hydro store gave me a half assed "yeah it will stay" I think it should stay but curiousity killed the cat. You think I may have a problem? Or has anyone else have experience with this model?

    Thank you,
    PS I get the tent Fri
  2. I don't think the tent will collapse in on itself. The tents are nowhere near airtight so I think you will be safe. I would be more worried about if the humidity will stay stable with a lot of air flow. I had an issue with humidity being too low and it turned out I had too much airflow. I hope this helps!:smoke:
  3. when in doubt just use a fan speed adjuster or temp speed adjuster to slow the fan
  4. If you allow some passive intake it wont happen.

    But with enough vacuum (more then the inline fan can pull) in an airtight poorly constructed tent (if thats possible?) absolutely.

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