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Can you have an allergic reaction to just certain strains of marijuana?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Some_Call_Me_Danno, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. I know I get reactions to it at times, so I'm assuming it's a strain issue with me? I've had some I can't break up by hand because I will get itchy and irritated skin. The kind I'm smoking now is causing a serious cold/flu like reaction...irritated/soar throat, head congestion, stuffy/runny nose...a little nausea (though this is something I've battled with for decades, so may not be a symptom of this strain).

    Maybe it's just time for a break?
  2. You may be allergic to, for example, some terpene. Different strains have different terpene profiles. Check the terpene profiles of the strains which give you allergic reactions.
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  3. If I was getting allergic reactions to weed I'd stop smoking completely.. if your allergic to peanuts you don't try other flavours/brands of peanuts to see if they have the same effect do you???

    Your health should come before marijuana dude
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  4. Thanks. I've never had this kind of reaction to it, like I said I've had several instances where physically handling it caused reactions, but never a full on immune system reaction from it lol.
  5. Maybe the chemicals being used to grow it? I’ve had weed kinda do same stuff to me. Irritated throat, cough up stuff, runny nose. Ik im not allergic to weed but I assumed I irritated my throat smoking so much. Think how much resin builds up in pipes. Now imagine what builds up in you. Then if u blow smoke out ur nose... I’d guess it’s more so all the build up of resin and wtf ever is going in our throat,nose, lungs etc then that ur allergic to it. I’d switch smoking methods. Maybe combust to vape...
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  6. Absolutely. But I could be getting a legit cold or something and the timing just lines up with opening this new (to me) strain, hence the question.

    I'm allergic to nearly everything when I was tested, including peanuts...but I've never had a reaction from peanuts and I tested pretty highly allergic to it.

    Now, I don't go out and test fate and consume a ton of peanuts, so if it turns out to be a legit allergic reaction then stopping wouldn't be a question.
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  7. Could you not try growing your own dude? Then you'd know exactly what was going into the plant it, I'd say like the others have either it's the terpenes/chemicals it's been grown with

    Are you staying hydrated while smoking man? Not drinking enough water can make you have a blocked nose :laughing:
  8. The water explains a lot lol. I drink mainly soda and juice with nxt to zero water
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  9. Soda and juice would not be a hydration issue.
    I, on the other hand, drink only coffee and tea; both diuretics; THAT'S an issue.
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  10. i was referring to the nose part. While caffeine is a mild diuretic it don’t make you dehydrated. Same with soda, they both hydrate you. You just retain less fluids then if you woulda drank water. Caffeine messes with ur kindness and causes u to pee more, same with soda ... but they(soda not coffee) dehydrate you
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  11. Soda & juice will keep you hydrated if you drink enough of them :laughing: I usually have juice you mix with water mainly because the medications I have to take makes you get sand mouth & they dehydrate you if you don't drink fluids:laughing:
  12. I try, but I find drinking water to be... boring.
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  13. Mix it with juice then man:laughing:
  14. I hear that lol. I only have a taste for ice mountain and Fuji water. Like my gym membership I have and don’t use, I stay stocked on cases of ice mountain water but only kids drink it
  15. Each strain, Hell each plant for that matter has a unique range of the 100 odd Terpenes that make up each plants slightly different smell.
    Yes, you can be allergic or sensitive to one or more Terpenes.
    The last one that triggered both my trim helper and myself smelled like paint thinner-turpentine. Trimmer broke out in skin rashes within 5 minutes. Took me about 30 min for the rash to show up. We both were sneezing our heads off.

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  16. Actually, I was thinking about this thread while watering the Geraniums.
    Soft drinks were never something I cared for (after childhood). I forgot something;
    I remember drinking coffee in the morning and some folks would drink Coca-Cola...
    and get the same buzz.
    I forgot; those drinks have caffeine added!
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  17. Definitely drink enough water. I would love to grow my own when/if it becomes legal to do so here.

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