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can you have a high/low tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by powertopeeps, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Is and or can there be a tolerance factor when smoking weed? I've talked allot with my friends about this. Basically, I'm the last one gone. My best friend can get high off of like 4 bong rips, where as It takes me allot more to get there. I'd say I would have to pack like 2 bowls of a bong, each giving me four [Barely ever get 4] good to mediocre hits to feel it and it's not a slow nice trip upwards, its just a brick wall flat out hitting me. I get the twitters and the blood rush, but thats it. I then have to smoke more.

    I know I also have a high tolerance for alcohol, which I hate the taste of to begin with, so I'm usually the one at a party taking someone on in a shot off.
    My friend also has a low tolerance to alcohol, so are they related maybe?
  2. yes there is tolerance. tolerance usually goes up the more often you smoke.

    my tolerance is very, very, very high naturally. i barely get high wehn i smoke, just a small little buzz that feels good but only lasts an hour. doesnt matter the strain/quality, it takes a lot to get me high.

    but i noticed that it doesnt matter whether i smoke 1 bowl or 10, the high will be the same (after the first bowl the high wont increase). it sucks... but if i take a month or more off of smoking, my first time lighting up gives me a pretty good high :)

    it sucks because i remember when i first started smoking, id get BLASTED high. couldnt stop giggling, couldnt control myself... good times.

    havent had a giggle fit for over a year.
  3. I hadn't had a giggle fit until my second time vaporize. Other than that, what you used to describe yourself is what I usually get out of a bowl or a bong and I haven't even been smoking for a year.
  4. How high u get depends on a couple things. How much you smoke, the % THC, your weight, and tolerance.

    Your tolerance is built up after smoking for an extended period of time. Especially if you do it EVERY day. It all depends on how many times you do it, how close those smoke sessions are, and how much you smoke in them. If you smoke 2-3 days a week, with a couple random one week T breaks, you will basically keep your tolerance pretty low, its worked for me.

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