Can you harvest 4Oz (Dried Buds) with just 250Watts CFL

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  1. Hello GC, I got a quick question for those of you already tried and know the result, can you harvest 4 Oz. of Dry Bud with 250Watts of CFL ? :smoking:
  2. Quick answer? No.

    Long answer? Probably not, but if you try something like scrogging, and you are succesful with it, you may pull a couple Oz, but pulling a QP with 250 watts of CFL would be hard, if not impossible. Pulling a QP with 250 watt HPS would still be hard.
  3. I got 2oz dried with a 250w cfl growing El nino from GHS and it was my first grow and if i had had a bit more experience and had my grow tent setup like i do know and maybe LST'd it i think i could have got over 3oz. Heres a few pics of her

    Good luck

    Oh yeah.... It was a very nice smoke

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  4. yes, anything is possible but i wouldn't use CFL's.. they have an inefficient shape for directing light at a plant. If you wanna use florescent light, use T5's with a good reflector, keeping it as close as possible. Check my grow. You could make your own guess as to whether i'll get 4 oz out of 324 Watts.

  5. i agree
  6. Thanks guy I'm a heavy smoker and i want to know with 250watts I have right now will be enough to get close to 4 ounces a month that's what I smoke on regular basis, but thanks, so def. I need the 400Watts Minimum HPS
  7. Hey thanks for you output and your plants look excellent, quick question how many plants to get the 2 Oz ?
  8. Hi there, 1 plant, if i had lst'd the plant i bet i could've had more. This was a soil grow aswell so if i had used a hydro setup of some form it would produce more. growing a strain with a shorter flowering time would help too, My el nino took nearly 3 months but she had a bad start to life.
  9. 4 ounces a month... thats gonna be a big crazy setup man I think ur aiming for the fences and hitting the pitchers mound
  10. 4 ounces a month??? HOLY FUCK dude.

    Me and my girl can burn daily, and only go through a quarter a week.

    I'd love to get an insight into your smoking habits. What do you use to smoke? Are you by chance looking to decrease the amount any?

  11. Hey Guys, well I smoke around 4 grams per day since I open my eyes until I get KnockOut in Bed at nite usually joints and bong.

    6:00am (BongRip) x2
    9:30am (Joint)
    12pm (Joint)
    2pm (Joint)
    6pm (Joint)
    9:30pm (Joint or Blunt)
    11:30 - 12am (Joint and Nite Nite)

    Pretty Much my smoking habit ! I know Intense but what can I say I just love MJ and my wife is ok with me having an open relationship with MJ sometimes my wifey kiss MJ too lol !

    I ask cuz I read the PDF. SeeMoreBuds 8 Oz for just $100 and it's look llike is posible
  12. it all depends on the genetics of the plant, how many you're growing, how you are growing them, how long you're growing them, nutes, etc
  13. dude if you could do 1 gram per wattt witch is every growers dream, you would get more then 1/4 lb. You could get more like half a pound if you did everything right. don't let anyone tell you, you can't, I do better then most and all i did was try too be the best i can.
  14. what i wanna know is... is that like one big cfl, or alot of, say, 23 equivalents? how you set up the lighting can make a fuckload of difference, especially when talking about cfl. i would say no to your question though, not being negative but 4oz on a plant with cfl is alot. definitely not gonna grow 4oz plants every month.
  15. If you're getting an incredible deal somewhere paying $100/Oz, $400/month then why not just go all out? You would make it worth the money so quickly, especially if you're paying more than that for weed.
  16. takes more than a month to flower, if you dont have a separate veg you would be lucky to get the quarter every three months
  17. i have not read the whole thread, but why dont you drop some money into a 250w hps light? it penetrates the plant further then CFL. the light from hps goes further then CFL which only goes a few inches before loosing most of its lumas effect. with the hps it penetrates to the lower leaves giving the plant more energy.

    just a thought.

  18. Hi, tks for stopping by, but the thing is I already have the CFL plus I don't want to make the investment yet (Tuff Times at the Tables) but thanks and I think I will be adding eventually 400watts or so well see I will let you know how much I will harvest after all.

  19. Hi man tks ! In fact i have to seperate rooms but I will let you know how it goes for me with my current grow

  20. Hi man, tks yes indeed that's what I buy on regular basis but I buy a 1/4 for $350 stra8t from a grower, now you understand my love for her ! plus as long I can afford it so be it my friend !

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