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Can You Guys (Or Gals) Text While High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, May 29, 2013.

  1. I usually cut conversation by saying "I'm going to bed," if I'm already texting someone and I am going to smoke. But once I completely forgot I was texting my girlfriend and I went to smoke and came back forgetting all about her for two hours. Other times I've just not said goodnight and just kept on like normal.

    My question is: do you think it's hard to text while high?

    The times I've just kept talking to her I felt like I was on top of things and I wasn't saying stupid shit, but it took concentration and once it was stressful enough to say goodnight.

    How do you guys text while you're high?
  2. After awhile texting ruins my immersed high feeling, so I try to stay away from it if I can. 
  3. I forget my phone when I am high but some how make it onto GC
  4. I hate texting. My manly hands are just to big, so it becomes frustrating wether I'm high or not.
    Speech to text for the win! Sometimes that doesn't work either...meh Call me!
  5. I never had a problem texting while high.
  6. Of course I can text while I'm high.
    It's marijuana, not meth. Sure, I might fumble and misspell a few things, but it's not a big deal. I don't conscious stop to think, "am I too high to text right now?"
  7. I can text fine while high, bout the same as sober. Only thing is i may take a little more time than normal to respond or I will just forget about it. I'm lost in my high and a few things happen, next thing you know I dont even remember having a conversation with you.
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    All the time I have trublez. Ill formulate a text, then read it twenty times over, and forget about it. Then 30 min later ill open my phone to find the unsent message, read it twenty times over, then fall asleep and find it in the morning and delete it, then just tell the person I fell asleep haha
  9. my only problem with texting while high is ill be texting someone important type the message and won't press send and completely forget about it haha 
  10. HELL YEA . I love texting when I'm high.i feel like i go so much faster haha

  11. Haha the actual texting part isn't bad but remembering to do it is hard.Unless I'm sitting in bed with my phone and nothing else to do, I completely forget my phone exists until it goes off. Then I stare at it, think of a response, and forget to send it.
    I do the exact same thing man aha more so when high.
  13. Sometimes if im a certain kind of baked I take hella long to respond. I also proof read texts and gc posts multiple times but I always seem to fuck something up.
  14. Actual texting is fine, it's not like being drunk wehre uyo mispele evry wrod lkie tgis. My only problem is that I'll usually forget to respond to people, or misplace my phone. :smoking:
  15. I text high the same as I do sober? 
  16. lol same thing happens to me. I feel like I fly thru my texts

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  17. Its no different than typing something on grasscity for me; sure I might type and re-type it about 30 times then forget to even send it or fuck up and click the "back" button only to lose everything i spent so much time writing; but for the most part anything i can do sober i can do just as well high (maybe not BAKED off my ass lol) but yeah
  18. I can talk to my bros while I'm high, parents hell no, they'll just say here and give me a joint. but yeah, after I get un-high I usually check what I text and it's kind of weird but not  " HE IS HIGH@! ".
  19. I love texting when I'm high! I have a lot more to say! I miss having friends to text D:
  20. When i get really high and come down after 2 hours i would just see my phone filled with missed calls and text messages and im like when the hell was this?? lmao

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