Can you guys listen and rate my rap?

Discussion in 'General' started by OldManDankins, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Amateur rapper just starting out. Don't mind the sound quality... its a home recording.

    [ame=]Impak - Freeverse - YouTube[/ame]

    Will goto a studio for a more professional recording if I get positive feedback. So tell me, do I got the lyrics down? How about flow?

    Any constructive criticism is appreciated.
  2. Find your Rythem man, stop trying to rap so fast and make sure people can understand what you saying. Kind of hard too. I'm big into rap and trap music. Find your flow man
  3. You should try to enunciate a little better. There are also some places where you're definitely a little bit off, so try having a metronome with you to keep on the beat and tweak the words to get the syllable count up/down if you need to.
    Best of luck :)
  4. sounds like every other white kid ive heard rap. im white too so its not racist. theres no money in rap bro. try something else like making beats if you like music
  5. Im not even white, brah.... dont know how to feel about sounding white
  6. You should try to make your rhymes more noticeable to hear. I write raps and sometimes I count out syllables of the lines I'm trying to rhyme. I try not to mix odd number syllable lines with even numbered syllable lines. That way it has a nice flow to it. Its kinda hard to ill leave it at that. Plus, if you're trying to get big in the music industry. You'll probably have to add some hooks and choruses. just sayin
  7. Don't quit your day job, is how I would rate that.

    But I'm not exactly a fan of rap in the first place, so maybe I'm a bit biased.
  8. Slow down and tighten up.
  9. I would say try and fix your flow a little bit. Your rhymes are pretty raw, but the flow is a little off. Anyway are you going to post more songs on that channel?
  10. I dont know

    try for making the band

    needs work but you can do it
  11. Not bad but your flow shouldnt be the exact rhythm of the beat or it sounds too "cat in the hat"
  12. Your tone is just too chanty honestly man
  13. i think you need to enunciate a little better but the rhymes were decent
  14. everyones a critic, I thought it was solid. keep workin it man.
  15. Sound like a white noy trying to rap

  16. How is there no money im rap?? Dont some artist make millions like .00001%
    Maybe rapping and being a big boss is just a hobby

  17. That was my first ever recording... of course I plan on recording more and with practice hopefully I'll get better.

  18. Hey I appreciate any criticism. Care to elaborate what you mean by "Chanty"? I have a natural monotone voice so I offset by trying to put as much emotion as I can when rapping.
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    There is a lot of work to be done man. You really need to find your own voice and work on delivery, flow and even the lyrics. It's all about finding your own unique style and I don't think you've found it at all.
    Edit: With that being said I still know you have potential to do better. It takes more hard work and practice than you can even begin to imagine.

    Here's a song I rap I recorded myself the other day if you want to take a listen to see if my words even worth anything
    [ame=]DVD- I'm Sick - YouTube[/ame]
  20. It's hard to explain but it relates to the fact that you're trying to pronounce every word correctly and the flow.

    I have a friend with the same issue as well.

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