Can you grow white widow outside?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StickyxLover, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I know sombody that can hook me up with white widow seeds but i need to know if ill b able to grow it outside. im pretty sure you can't but i need some advice.
  2. it says on seed pack that its indoor strain but i think almost all weed can grow in mild warm climat but i think it would get better/faster yeild indoors
  3. Can anybody else help me out cause i know it says indoor strain on the package but i dont know if that means that it cant survive and cant be grown outside at all.
  4. ya u can deffinatly grow any weed outdoors man, if they are indoor seeds however they have to almost perfect conditions outside to grow right
  5. I Think It Has To Have A Long Grow Season ..... If Youre Placed In The Right Spot On The Globe ... Im Sure Itll Work .... Start Em In The Window See If Theyve Got Enough To Make It Before You Go All Out
  6. marijuana is a plant...what do you think, those INDOOR strains just sometimes need an almost pefect conditions to survive...

    I'm sure it will be fine, no way to tell when it will be done...only time can tell you that, kick back for the waiting game:D
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  7. white widow is one of the more hardy strains, its more suited to grow outside than others and my 5 foot trees of it in my garden are surviving nicely :smoking:
  8. Yup but she will need a long season. Frost wont hurt her btw dont cut too early
  9. Sticky, you can grow just about any strain outside, some just are better adapted for outdoor conditions than others. You can't grow outside this time of year in NY though. You'll have to wait until spring.
  10. mine started flowering on the 16th of september, i know they should have around 50 days to flower but next week is the perfect time to harvest them as i have a whole week free to trim and dry. any advice on whether to harvest or leave a week?
  11. guys i have the same problem, i can get some white widow seeds but id have to plant it outdoors... i got everything set up, but im just wondering if it'll survive outdoors? i live in ohio. if it will survive, when should i start germinating?
  12. Funny I made this thread 6 years ago lol

  13. came up on google, like third result :metal:
  14. Yes any strain can be grown Outdoors I'm currently growing White Widow outside for the first time I am having a little bit of complications. I have seen a little bit of mold but then again my climates New England climate with it which is very bad. Well it's bad for that particular strain.

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