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Can you grow outdoors in cali?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 2packush420, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. I'm moving to cali in less than a year and will be getting my card. Will I be allowed to grow outdoors? I would only grow a few only for personal use and they would be in a fenced backyard.
  2. LOL, we have some of the best OD growers and climate here in most def can grow outdoor if you have a rec and follow your city/county plant limits...Goodluck.
  3. Some counties have restrictions but yes 99.9 % of ca can grow.
  4. You are allowed to grow a certain number of marijuana plants in Cali, that's allowed by the state.  Remember, this is illegal by the feds!
  5. does a bear shit in the woods?  does michael jackson and a  catholic priest love to ,uhhhh... never mind.  yes, we grow here in cali. just be sure to get your rec. it must be posted at your grow site.
  6. Ok thanks. And what happens if the cops come knocking on my I just show my rec, or will they want to have "a look around"
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    Friend of mine was just about to move and was growing on her deck. She got very sick, so my family and I, with some help from her scatter-brained sister, moved all her stuff. The plants were among the last things to go, and one day, sister leaves the back door open and leaves for a while. Cops were there as she pulled in. The conversation went something like this-
    They asked, "Are these your plants?"
    Sister - "No. They are my sister's plants."
    Cops - "Does your sister have a rec?"
    Sister- "Yes."
    Cops- "Do you have a rec?"
    Sister - "Yes. I have my card in my purse."
    Cops- "A neighbor reported that your back door was open and no one was home. thought the house might be being robbed. You might want to be more careful. Have a good day!"... and they walked right past the 3 foot high plants on their way out!
    We returned from the new place about half an hour after this happened. This occurred about a year ago.
    (Gosh! I love living in California! :smoke:
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    after showing them your rec don't forget to offer them a brownie,cookie,glass of water or milk. make sure the brownies and cookies are not "special" though. hahahahaa  they usually won't shake you down or want to look around if you are cool.
  9. Il offer them donuts. Or maybe bacon... Would they get offended if I offered them bacon? Lol
  10. The cold and subfreezing temps in Cali will not allow marijuana to grow. The soil is horrid. lol
    Seriously yes. I am shocked that you don't already know this. Everyone should know this.
  11. If you have a thousand plants growing in your backyard, then you are busted. 3 plants....the cops dont give a fuck. They have murderers and rapists and pedophilies to go after. You neighbors could call the cops and report that you have marijuana growing (if they dont steal it themselves). The police will ask "how many plants?" If the neighbors dont lie and say 3, the cops will hang up.
  12. I ca it is compliant drivin. You won't get a random check from the cops. If it does show them the papers and make sure you are within you city codes. Each one has there own I suggest you read. Some day you have to be 100ft from
    The property line. Some have to be inclosed in a GH. Some counties just don't allow growing.
  13. If I was a cop and someone offered me bacon, I would arrest them for being a cunt and not having a good enough joke.
  14. Calm down bro. I was kidding. I'm not going to actually offer them bacon.

    And btw, you would lose your job :p
  15. Of course you can...Just make sure you get a rec from somewhere at least somewhat legit. I see no one here has mentioned it yet so I will, as long as you have your rec and are within the limits, than your biggest fear should be thieves. If someone can access your backyard and take your plants, they will do so! And as far as the whole cop discussion goes, I've been pulled over by CHP and been given my medication back. They claimed they were looking for meth. (i guess i look like a meth head?? but seriously tho most dont care about weed) CA has MUCH bigger problems.

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