Can you grow in kansas?

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  1. I live in the more souht part of the state an was wonderin if i could grow outdoors? And i got anouther question! Last fall i came across sum good looking natural growing plants jus full of seeds.My question is, if takin care of right could come out with decent sweetleaf,also thinkin because it grows wild every where around here, it wouldhave less chance getting a disease?
  2. That is ditchweed - contains no THC worth mentioning. But might make great camouflage for your grow.
  3. Yes you can grow in kansas. As long as you have a sun in the sky....... You guys do have a sun in kansas dont you?!:eek:
  4. yep, quality marijuana can be grown in Kansas. Just like nearly everywhere in the world.

  5. What happens when the ditchweed males pollinate your girls?
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    You cry?

    I dunno, but I would bet that it would produce seeds, which is not something you want. Especially not those kinds of seeds. heh

    But on topic, yah, you can grow pretty much everywhere. You just have to know when the best time is to start to make sure you can harvest.

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