can you get THC in your system by being around it?

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. my buddy is trying to get a job right now so hes not smoking, if hes in the car with me or something while im smoking, will it get in his system as well? just curious so i can be more cautious of when and where im smoking at
  2. No!!!!!!!!! thats a myth
  3. No you can't...
    We had a car full of guys toking all night long and the driver had a piss test the next morning but she never toked and we were hot boxing it but she passed the test with flying colors :)
  4. myth?...i know people that don't blaze it, but failed DT by being around people like me ;)
  5. think about it...if a person takes a giant hit and chokes up before he/she can even inhale it...all the smoke gets caughed out with plenty of THC in it cause it never got the chance to hit the lungs.
  6. makes sense to me, guess ill just smoke before i roll with him if im gnna smoke

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