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Can you get that first time high feeling again?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nugagerube, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Assuming that you take a super long t break, is it possible to obtain that first time high feeling again? or something similiar to that? If so, how long of a t break would that be? if not, whats the longest t break you could take before it did nothing for you and you couldnt get any higher if you waited longer?
  2. Personally I don't think it's possible. Your experiences stay with you and I think the only reason a first time high feels so good is because you've never experienced weed before. Personally I've been higher than my first time when I really made the switch from mids to dank.
  3. I don't know about anybody else, but I started smoking young and all I could get my hands on was shwag, so my first highs weren't amazing. I still get stupid stoned if I try to, so yes I think it is possible to get that first time high.
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    It depeneds on what feeling you are referring to.

    You can certainly get as high as you did the first time, even higher..but of course nothing will live up to the moment you first realized what being high was like

    I also gotta agree with Stown. I started out smoking schwag and even though I used to get completely blitzed from it, the high was nowhere near as enjoyable as when I first started smoking dank
  5. Smoke concentrates or more weed than usual
  6. Maybe trying hash is you haven't before. But that first high feeling is like it is because its new

  7. yea, ive had hash before, when i first started smoking unfortunately. I see what ya'll mean about it being like that cuz its new. i guess i cant :( i can just get higher though :smoking:
  8. I guesswhat im asking is can i revert back to the tolerance i had when i first smoked weed. is it possible to obtain that tolerance level again?
  9. Well I could never get that first high only close or higher. I highly recommend smoking weed on your first trip on a psychedelic haha thank me later you'll get an insane high reminiscent of those first highs
  10. Yes, this is weed, not crack.
  11. take a t break for a month, then eat a mango or two, wait an hour, then smoke some bho. you will be way higher than your first time smoking. i promise.

  12. lol yea, ive tripped on unmentionables before and smoked weed and it was very nearly, if not better than the first few times i smoked weed and got those closed eye hallucinations
  13. Yeah man, I have like no tolerance at all. Lol, my advice is to stay healthy and active and every time you smoke you'll experience a great high.
  14. Ugh, that shit almost ruined my life.
  15. try some edibles. they will fuck you.
  16. i dunno bout 1st time high but u will prob get close to it

    take a tbreak
    eat well ( omega 3 and mangos) helps build ur receptors in ur brain that get u high

    those r soem things that will help u

    ive heard eatin a mango before you smoke will get u higher..not sure if it works right awaa tho
  17. Hell yeah those close eyes are all encompassing and full of intricate designs
  18. Wait, so you're not sure if your trip was better than the first time you smoked weed?

    Dude, weed is absolutely nothing compared to actually tripping. I can safely say any trip I've had is hundreds of times better than the first time I smoked.

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