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Can you get tested for pills

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by u.p.juggalo, May 24, 2006.

  1. Im on probation and im wondering if you can test for pills? i have to see my p.o. The 31. If it does how long will i stay in your system?

    Only anwser if you really know

  2. if you mean in generall yes they can check you for most drugs , including pills course.
    how long it stays in your blood depens on what pills it was , you can google it :rolleyes: :)
  3. yep what easy grower said

    really does depend on the pill :)
  4. all depends if they send ur piss to the lab the lab might test for some pills or if they just use the dip stick thing witch the one i normaly take only tests for weed coke and 2 kinds of pills i forget wat they are tho
  5. Probably opiates and benzos
  6. Do they test for oxycottin or loracet?
  7. i do remember the labs around hear test for oxy cus some kid had it show up on his test results
  8. every lab i have been to have tested for opiates(includes oxy)
  9. btw those pills are shit :D

    just for the record.
  10. oxy's are shit? i disagree fullheartedly

  11. well i dont like eating pills with opiates , the high sucks.
    just my opinion
  12. opiates dont get you high, they fuck you up. They depress your central nervous system.
  13. they test for opiates, which include oxy's, vicodin, percocet, demerol, codeine, morphine, and other opiates that are in pill-form i cant quite remember.

    dont eat anything with poopy seeds in it because they containe morphine and codeine. it only takes two poppy seed bagels to make you test positive for opiates.
  14. Vicodin isn't an opiate. An opiate turns in to morphine when it hits your liver, the almighty vicodin doesn't.
  15. yes they can test you for pills but most of pills only stay in your sytem for 2 days it realy depends on what type of pill you eat
  16. yeah barbituates like xanax or any prescription drug that fucks you up

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