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can you get medical pot for gout?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by p_dj, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. hi i am only 27 and have gout, thats early for gout as most people dont get it til at least 35 and it is when the uric acid levels in your body build up to high and your body doesnt dispose of it fast enough so you get uric acid crystals that form in and around your joints, mine are mainly in my feet-some painful stuff when it flares up let me tell you, but i read online that the first thing prescribed back in the day was pot and i am currently self medicating because A i dont have insurance to be able to afford regular doctors and B the natural pain killer is what i would prefer.
  2. If medical mary jane is legal in your area, then I recommend just asking your doctor for a card. Tell him that it helps you to smoke pot, and since you're telling the truth, I dont see why any sane doctor wouldnt help you out.
  3. sadly its not medically legal in michigan but if i ever loose my job ill def move to a state where it is, 1 confusing thing is that the freight line where i work used to ship to a hospiatl in the state for a medical company and we read the invoice a few times and it always had cannabinoids listed then like what generation it was, made me wonder if you can get a prescription out of state and fill it here?does anyone know ?
  4. hey man try to find tart cherry juice it will help alot
  5. I'm sorry i dont have any information for you, i live in Canada, but i can wish you the best of luck to get better and hope you find a way to get your medical needs.

    This is why i love the City, its so much differnt from most forums, everyone helps everyone and its very uncomen to come over a stupid arument.

    Good luck.
  6. yes i currently take 2 tart cherry extract pills and 2 apple cider viniger pills a day,1 each morning and night this helps to keep it at bay but id say about 1 time a month i get a attack anyway that last anywhere from 3 days to 1 week but good loooking out and thx for replys guys :wave:
  7. I'm trying to research this through NORML now...I'm 28 & have cronic back pain from an injury in Afghanistan & have gout as well...a great gift passed down to me from my dad :mad:

    The cherry juice definately helps me out when it flares up, but the MJ works wonders on my back and swelling in my foot as well. My doc put me on Allopurnol, but it's really not good for your body. I'll be sure to post back here with whatever info I can get from NORML...hopefully I can visit a doc out of state & get a script. Worst case, I'll have to drive for the MMJ. Wish me luck!
  8. You won't be able to visit an out of state doctor to get a recommendation. There aren't any MMJ state programs that will allow it, and honestly, please don't try. You will just have to either move to a state that has MMJ already, or get MMJ legal in your state.

    Either way, Storm Crow's list of links stickied at the top of the forum should help.

    I am sorry to hear about your gout, my Grandfather had it, and it's no picnic.
  9. Use of natural fruits and vegetables helps reduce the uric acid content of the body and is a useful gout remedy. Red cherries whether sweet or sour are helpful in curing gout. If the gout attack is acute about 15-20 cherries are required to cure gout. Later the number per day can be reduced to 10 cherries a day. Mixture of carrot, beet and cucumber juice is one of the most effective gout remedies. A 500ml consumption of this juice daily helps cure gout effectively. Fluids are excellent solvents for the body wastes including uric acid. Intake of six to eight glasses of water a day helps in the elimination of crystals of uric acid. Thus it is a cheap and convenient gout remedy. Dairy products such as cheese and butter help to reduce uric acid from the body and help in curing gout. Diets rich in potassium, malic acid, and vitamin C neutralize the negative effects of uric acid and help in its removal from the body.
    Some foods need to be avoided by gout patients so that their disease is cured completely and in less time. The avoidance of such things is a gout remedy in itself. Alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine should be strictly kept away from gout patients. Intake of these hard drinks may multiply the disease many times. Improper processing of purine a protein in the body increases the content of uric acid. This intensifies the disease and the pain and suffering associated with it. Substances which have high levels of purines present in them should be avoided by gout patients at least at the time of gout attack. These include organ meat, crabs, mushrooms, dried peas, sauces etc. Use these simple methods and prevent and cure gout.
  10. And best of all...............SEX helps relieve gout:D
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    "sadly its not medically legal in michigan"

    Hon, you are in Michigan? They do have a so-so MMJ program. From WildWill's Sticky-

    HIV or AIDS
    Hepatitis C
    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gerhrigs Disease)
    Crohn's disease
    Agitation of Alzheimer's disease
    Nail patella

    Patients are also offered legal protection if they have a Chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or treatment of said condition that produces 1 or more of the following:
    • Cachexia or wasting syndrome
    Severe and Chronic pain (I think gout would qualify! My Dad sure hurt from it! - Granny)
    • Severe nausea
    • Seizures, including but not limited to those characteristic of Epilepsy
    • Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those characteristic of Multiple sclerosis.

    What you need to do is to get that "legal protection" for "Severe and Chronic Pain" changed to a accepted condition. You need to join up with others and become an activist! It's already half-way recognized! You aren't starting from "square one", like if you lived in Texas! Change the law!

    I'm afraid I have found no studies on gout and cannabis, but there have been many done on "Pain" and "Anti-inflammatory Properties", which may give you a little more info.

    Learn about nutrition! (I've got a fair-sized section on the amazing nutritional value of hemp seeds and hemp seed oil.) Frankly, many of our modern ills are caused by our "American diet"! In the 1800s, and before, gout was primarily a disease of the rich! Start reading labels on food. (And no more turkey for you! If I remember rightly, it is high in uric acid. :( Drink lots of liquids.)

    A very old saying- "We dig our graves with our teeth!" Think about it.

    Granny :wave:
  12. i had to double take when he said its not legal in MI to granny!

    look at when this thread was posted!! : ) lol

    just goes to show you how far we have come already!
  13. If you were living in CA, it would be legal. The state law is pretty broad in that it allows for any condition that your recommending doctor believes would benefit from mmj.
  14. I suffer from gout since I was 19 and am now 25. That is a pretty damn young age to start suffering from this disease which people normally develop well in their 40-60's (im sure all the years of partying and hard stuff contributed to this). I am a California residence and was able to get a MMJ prescription no problem. But the thing is, I noticed when I have a gout attack smoking pot doesnt help alleviate the pain, for me it actually does the opposite. For some reason the affected joint feels more swollen than prior to smoking. I have read else where that it helped people with the pain, but I guess its subjective and that everyone is different when it comes to the pain. My theory is that since smoking increases the rate of blood flow, that increased blood flow to the joint is causing the feeling of sweeling/pressure. Can anyone else with gout back me up on this or am I the only one left in the dark?
  15. We must be genetically twins. I got my first flare at 19...I'm 26 now and in the middle of another flareup. Anyway, I feel you on the added discomfort after medicating. I actually find that consumption through the intestines instead give more anti-inflammatory effects. I need pot when I flare because of the indomethacin they put me on as an anti-inflammatory. That stuff tears my stomach apart!! I think I just have a harsher reaction to it because of poor liver function...but damn. I would kill myself. I could not imagine going through something like chemo without it! But to each his own right! That's why our medicine is the best because it effects different people in different ways and that's what god (if there is one) gave it to us for.

    Peace :cool:
  16. No doubt we may just be long lost brothers as I am also in the middle of a flare up which has lasted me over 3 weeks. Gosh this thing we have just isnt any fun, and hinders us in so many ways. My flare up started in the rite big toe but then it started to creep up to my knees, its starting to get better now and I am able to get around with out crutches but *sigh* I just dont wish this thing upon anyone else.

    You stated that you found that you ingest MJ instead of smoking it and that it has more of an anti inflammatory effect as compared to smoking it is that correct? And that when you do indeed smoke it, it also causes your affected joints to feel more swollen? If that is the case then maybe I should also consider cooking and ingesting my MJ when I am on an attack of gout. Currently I am not taking any medications for gout, but I think I am going to start as this is interfering with my daily life. They have a new drug out now that is proven to be more effective compared to Allopurinol which is called Uloric.

    Anyways hope to hear back from you soon MrWiz.

  17. My uncle has had gout for almost 40 years. It's not a big deal. But honestly, many doctors are failed to treat it in a proper way....they prescribe for it still now.

    Gout is totally hereditary. It's not the "rich man's disease" that we were taught in our youth. I imagine if you check with your family, you'll find grandparents, uncles and aunts, perhaps a parent who have it, or at least who have had the symptoms but never got diagnosed.

    The BEST treatment.......take Allopurinol. It's a once daily tablet. All pain and swelling goes away in just a few days. It's a lifetime prescription, however. If you miss more than two or three days, you feel like hell. If you miss a week or more, you can barely walk. But when you get back on it, no pain happen in a day or two. So it is useful to never travel or go anywhere without your meds. Allopurinol is the generic form of a MUCH more expensive drug called Xyloprim. Be sure to ask for Allipurinol.

    If you have gout, it's for life. There is no cure. But it's really no big deal. Just tell you one thing to take Allopurinol each day, and you'll never have another thought about it.

    Incidentally, MJ has a tremendously positive affect during the flair ups, and seem to greatly alleviate the pain. Until Allopurinol gets into your blood stream in sufficient levels to make the problem go away completely, I recommend that you do no chores at all around the house, be waited on by your family members hand and foot, and that your bowl never be allowed to be empty. If you get all of this, please tell me how so that I can arrange it for myself. ;) But seriously, it does help to smoke. The pressure and pain seem to go away almost instantly, but it's short term. :hello:
  18. It's funny you bring this up, because I was treating my mom's friend for gout just last night with a topical cannabis extract medicine. It reduced his pain a good deal but did not eliminate it completely. I suspect you would need more treatments than just one before you started to see truly stellar results. I'll PM you about it.
  19. You cant say its not a big deal if you've never experienced this for your self. Imagine not being able to eat the foods that you have enjoyed for the most part of your life, imagine not being able to sleep at nite because the pain from your foot is so immense that you cant even cover it with a blanket, imagine not being able to walk or drive for that matter. Sure there are medicines that help control gout but it never fully cures it, and like all medications they have serious side effects. Many people try to treat gout the natural way before having to resort to anything more toxic (allopurinol). I have given it my best shot to try and manage my gout without any medications but to no avail. So my only next step is to go on allopurinol, as much as I dont want to. But I am sick and tired of gout getting in the way of my normal life, and would not wish this thing upon anyone else.
  20. Hey Phantom I am also interested on this matter, can you also PM me the information? Thanks!

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