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Can you get in trouble for being high in school

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flying faded, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Are there any penalties for being high in high school or college. Like if you are under control and you dont have any weed on you. Couldnt you just deny that you are high??
  2. yeah, ive only been caught high once and teacher thought i was really tired. if you have weed on you though, thats bad
  3. The people who look high, are the ones who are worried about getting caugh. Just relax, pay attention, and dont worry.

    Im in class baked all the time and i do fine :smoke:
  4. Judging by the post, You just shouldn't be high at school..avoid the whole problem.

    Obviously if you kept your cool,
    they wouldn't know you were high.
  5. the paranoia doesnt help, if you havent got any on you theres not much they can do apart from accuse, even if your whiting out!
  6. i suck at talking to sober people when im blazed. Probably best to separate school and weed eh?

  7. Lmfao. this. My responses usually consist of "really?" and "thats shitty"

    And OP just act normal. You can get in shit for being high, but they cant prove shit so deny deny deny
  8. #8 Darkhrse99, Apr 26, 2011
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    Or smoke around friends and practice until you feel Confident that you can act normal around people of authority.
  9. Meh, I smoke before school all the time. I have this one really sick Indian teacher with a beautiful accent.. keeps me occupied the whole time >:) But I just tell people I have a headache, if they ask what is wrong.. If you have a legitimate excuse, no matter how silly it is (jk don't make it brain cancer) people will pretty much believe you. If you have a good reputation, the last thing someone is going to say is "Zomg! That kid is fxcking h!gh". No worries man. Just don't be like this guy :smoke:

  10. I wouldn't sketch about it, even if they do think you're high, what are they going to do?
  11. they can test you whenever they want to... then they can suspend you, expel you, etc..

    i didn't walk on graduation day cuz i was tested on the last day of school. i wasnt high or drunk, but they had the nerve to throw the word 'policy' at me and backed me into a corner.

    dont try it if you cant handle your shit... its an easy way for them to fuck you over.
  12. What ever you do don't admit to it at school no matter what, and they cant do shit if you dont have any on you.
  13. they can test you.... and toss your ass outta there... did you read what i just said?
  14. From my POV of being high almost most of the time when i was in school, they can search you but if they dont find anything they cant do anything. They only test you if your on a sports team or in band or what ever team.
  15. Well, i dont know where you live but when i got caught once with weed they suspended me for possession/under the influence/intent to sell/intent to buy then i told the lady i wasnt under the influence or any of those other things and she said that those are all the things you can get suspened for and she has to put all of them :bongin::bongin:
  16. Because you are asking this, you obviously will not be able to control yourself at school.
  17. I got in trouble for being high in school one time. But I didn't have shit on me so I was fine. They were saying "Your hands smell like straight marijuana and your eyes are bloodshot, do you still want to say your not high?"
  18. You can. Being under the influence of any drug in school is not allowed.

    And the sad thing, is that they don't even haave to prove it. If they have hunch they can just say you are and suspend/expell you.

    It happened alot in my Highschool. Fuckin profiling man.
  19. haha its not that hard..just chill and dont talk much
  20. I think in College they kind of expect that some of the students will be high in class. Shit I was high in EVERY class in college, can't sit through some of those lectures in the English department without being medicated.

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