Can You Get "In Too Deep"

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  1. So a buddy of mine just told me he started growing (I had no idea, but I suppose that is safer). Anyhow, he is a first timer, just like me, but he said he might have gotten in too deep. He bought two strains and germinated all of his seeds (22 total). He ended up with 16 fems (hot damn!), but his grow space is only 6 x 6 with a 600 w HPS. Do you think that is enough to keep all of those ladies kickin'? Enough room?

    I only ask because I don't want this kid losin' his entire crop by trying to grow them all if he can get some dank buds by just keepin' a couple. You know, buddies hook buddies up ... so many this is a little selfish (haha).
  2. 600 w hps is defineatly not enough for 16 plants, yeah if hes a first time grower 16 plants is alot to handle
  3. Yeah I didn't think it was enough ... how many plants should he keep under that 600w HPS at most? Also, for future reference, if he pulls this again what amount of lighting would he need to sustain that type of crop? The kid is pretty smart, but too anxious. If I let him know what he would need for the 16, he would try it again later, probably with amazing results.
  4. if your friends area is 6x6 its huge and if you plan to fill it all with plants youll need around 2,500W...thats basing it on the fact that you want about 70W/sqfoot.
    from that link it looks like you can get about 6-9plants under a 600W
  5. Interesting: i know a guy(me) who has the exact same scenario:

    and oddly enough; after sacrificing weaker ones and males to the dark bin, and narrowing down from my initial 17, i have eleven healthy ones. i believe they are all FEMS now, BUT: Three of them have "balls" on the nodes right below the TOP bloom. However, the top has many HAIRS, so...

    is this a Hermaph, or do i just need to watch for HAIRS coming out of the "balls"?


    the rest are all FEMALE FO SHO.


    what else?

    oh, i only have about 12-18 MAIN FAN LEAVES on each plant, striaght up, by two's, symmetrically on EACH plant except one to the HERMAPH lookin ones!


    how about density?

    how to increase?



  6. Leaden,
    you have asked this hermie questions 12 times recently and nobody can give you an emphatic answer because we don't have pictures. If what you are describing to me is what I am picturing, then the answer is no, it is not a hermie. Females have these tear drop looking things (I don't know what it is called) right on the juncture of the stem that female wisps sometimes come out of. I don't know if this is it but, I suspect that it is. As for the fan leaves, some people do heavy pruning and have NO big fan leaves at all. Again, we need pictures.
    For the record, I am with Jonney on the 6-9 plants under the 600 watt light.

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