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Can you get high from vaporized bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by whatitdo, May 28, 2009.

  1. I recently got around to making a lightbulb vape, and as of right now i love it, my new favorite smoking device for sure. Although a good Game Green couldnt top it. ;)
    But every time I smoked out of this so far, I would always drop all the vaped weed into my steamroller and have at it. What I want to know, is this pointless? I mean like after awhile I realized that vaporizers take 98% of THC of out bud.(correct me if I'm wrong) Thanks for anyone's input on this.
  2. i have a little digital vape and we always vape-to-joint.

    just gives us somethin to puff on when drivin around or whatever. does it really get me noticibly higher? idk man i just got done vaping for an hour! i'm way fucked up. but it's better in my mind than throwing that bud away.. i dont have the heart to do that. haha. i gotta smoke it til its gone.
  3. I may be wrong but I think the best option for vaporized weed would be to bake with it. If you just smoke the vaped weed that sort of defeats the purpose of a vaporizer, no?

    I've been saving up all my vaporized weed and plan to bake with it and my stems eventually.
  4. i heard baking it is more efficient than smoking, not sure though.
  5. i just baked 40 grams of vaped weed into butter and its was better then the reg i usually make butter out of for sure worth baking with
  6. Vaped weed or regular weed? Eating weed is one of the most ineffecient ways to consume cannabis. I imagine that baking vaped weed would be much better than smoking it though.

  7. Yeah, i meant baking already vaped weed would be more efficient. We agree :)
  8. I smoke my vaped weed from time to time, sometimes I even re-vape it, all of which have gotten me high
  9. i dunno i just toss that shit. we tried packing a bowl of vape doo doo into my buddies bubbler but it tasted to nasty and it was harsh.

    its more like lighting grass on fire and smoking it, no flavor,scent or any reason to enjoy it. it just smells like fire lol.

    a better question would be can you make fire crackers out of vaped bud? that would be handy, get fucked up then cook it and get more fucked up!
  10. Did you even read the thread....
  11. Save a few vape session's worth, then crush it up REALLY finely (shouldn't be hard since it'll be dried out) and vape it again.
  12. I wouldn't smoke it, but the leftover vapor poo still has psychoactive compounds - I make a glycerin based tincture out of my leftovers.
  13. Take a bowl of vaped weed to your dome when youre cometely sober, youll get high, trust me.
  14. When I am low on weed and want to stretch it out I cut the vaped weed with good weed. My friends use to give me a hard time but now they all do the same. Also I make edibles which are pretty decent not great but pretty decent

  15. Look up jar hits and or volcano vaporizer. So sick. Gets you really stoned.

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