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Can you get high from a gram of mid?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ShadDaTiger, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. I brought a gram of high grade mid & it was good 'n all but didn't get high of it. Is it possible with a gram?
  2. depend on your tolerance and what you have been smoking on lately?
  3. Depends on what your definition of mids is.

    Where I am mids are still really really good most of the time, but I've been some places and smoked what other people call "mids" that is just complete shwag to me.
  4. 1 gram is more than enough, even with mids...
  5. Recently started back toking & where I'm from its nothing but mid down there. I had a blunt of pineapple kush before & it had me on my ass. I'm used to mid though.
  6. hell yeah. i use waterfall bongs though, and each hit only uses around .2, so it might take a couple hits but i still would.
  7. I can get pretty high from .3 homeboi. :smoke:
  8. I'm buy a hookah for 4/20 & I'm see how it hits then.

    P.S. I do want to try a bong though:smoking:

  9. I don't think hookah's are very efficient for weed, they are made to smoke shisha. You'd be better off taking bong rips. :smoke:
  10. [quote name='"Yosh139"']

    I don't think hookah's are very efficient for weed, they are made to smoke shisha. You'd be better off taking bong rips. :smoke:[/quote]

    I love grinding up my weed really fine and mixing it with a bowl of shisha. A really relaxing smoking expierience.

  11. I always heard you need to mix it with shisha.

  12. Yeah but I think he was just gonna throw just bud in the hookah, and hookahs are designed for shisha. Correct me if I'm wrong :smoke:
  13. I have some nice mids right now, I get a really nice buzz from a bong snap of them. So yeah, you can definitely get high from a gram, depending on what 'mids' are around your area. The mids I get are really high mids, borderline dank. I've also seen mids that looked browner than Bobby.

  14. The mid I'm around now has a lil potent smell to it but the mids back home are a little weaker (I'm in college but still living in the same state, just in another part).
  15. fuck yea

    doesn't even matter if it's really shitty buds. There is a way.
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    I can if I roll it all up and smoke it to the dome, Can you get high off of a gram of mids?
  17. Depends on tolerance and quality.

    But a gram of mids to the dome should get most people feeling pretty good. I smoke dank all day, but had a nice bowl pack of mids from my friend at work (smoking me up for sharing some of my Pineapple Express the other day when he was broke), and I was feeling pretty damn good.

    Something comforting about mids, makes me think back to my first days of smoking I think :)

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