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Can you get as high...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JuanS, Oct 14, 2014.

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    So I own a vaporizer and since I bought it I haven't even touched any of my other pieces, but if I wanted to get EXTREMLY high, would I need to use them?
    The thing is, it takes me a while to finish a bowl in the vape, so there's no way I can consume as much weed as fast as I could in a bong or joint (ie to smoke a gram in my vape would take me over an hour, while I could smoke it in 10 mins with a J).

  2. Stop chasing the combustion high. Vaping can get you pretty high with good weed. Look into vapor bonging. Also, what vape do you have? Could be your issue

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  3. Vaping is great, but will not touch combustion, at least not for now.

    I used to vape exclusively, but it seemed like it lacked that punch I sought.
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    I have the Arizer Solo, and indeed it gets me pretty high with almost no weed, but I feel like I can't go past a 6 out of 10, so if I wanted to be 10 out of 10 high for a special ocasion, I was wondering if I would need to combust for that (which I haven't done since I got the vape as I said).
  5. I also have the arizer solo. What temp do you use?

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    I use a flat screen in the bottom and a dome-shaped screen on top of that, with about half the weed inside the dome and half under it for better airflow, and I start vaping at 3 and gradually move up temps when vapor production decreases until I reach 7, and stop after a few hits where no vapor comes out.
    I found that is the most efficient way to use my weed, since I get vapor for like 15 mins even with a very very small amount of weed.
    Don't get me wrong, the vape is awesome for everyday use, but I feel like the weed lasts me so long that if I wanted to get really, record-breaking high, the weed I would have to use would take hours to consume, which wouldn't allow for the THC to accumulate as if I smoked  it, which allows me to ingest large quantities in a short period of time.
  7. For my stems i just put a single domed screen inside the bowl and put a sprinkle of weed on top of that. Your temp method is ideal. If you want a heavier high though just stay on 5+ for an entire session.

    And also as i mentioned before vapor bonging is the next level. If you have normal bong with a 14mm opening you can slide your stem in with an o ring on it. Or buy a hydra tube and the gong from planetvape.

    Do you have access to different strains or just whatever you can get?

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    I do have a bong, it's a small one though, and getting o-rings is hard here and stuff from planetvape is too much of a hazard because the government will confiscate my stuff at customs and investigate me for making credit card purchases in dollars (yea, hooray Argentina), could I make a vapor bong any other way?
    As for strains, I was planning to get my record-breaking high with Jack Herer, since it's the best sativas I could find besides Purple Haze which were too expensive. I have some AK-47 too but since they're hybrid I thought Herer would work better.
    Thanks for the follow up on my questions by the way :)
  9. good god what kinda shwag you smokin? a gram in 10 minutes? damn.
    I could smoke a gram in 10 minutes, but then it's serious beddy bye time for this stoner. I'll sleep for 12 hours straight.
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    No problem. Its what most of us are here for.

    Try switching up strains. Some vape better than others. Plenty of ways to make the bongs. Just not of quality. Basically any water bottle can be turned into a steam roller with extreme ease. Just poke a hole make it just smaller than the stem so you can poke it through. Make a carb and you are done as long as it is airtight. If not use tape.

    If you want water you are going to need some sort of silicone tubing to attatch the Solo to your bong safely. At least i did. I had a MFLB before i had the hydra tube so i had these party whips thay just slid into my solo stems perfectly. I would make a bottle the same way but instead make the hole just big enough for this silicone tubing and used some tape. Drop the stem into the water and voila.

    You can go for the classy look and head to local hardware store and find a glass drill bit. This will take practice. But find your favorite glass bottle, alcohol or just any glass that looks like it could be used for a bong, and using the glass drill bit slowly drill a hole into the glass. Risks of shattering glass here. But if you manage to succed. You will just need a downstem and a 14mm adapter from a local head shop if you have them locally. And you are set.

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    Haha yea a gram in 10 mins was overstating things quite a bit, I don't think I've ever smoked a gram in a single session, but still, the amount of weed consumed per minute in a vape pales in comparison to a joint.

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