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can you get arrested from buying seeds on the net

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Bestgrass, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. hey i was wondering if you can get arrested from buying pot seeds on the net cause i kinda want to start growing with my older bro thanks​

  2. lol bruh u juss need alotta questions answered that has already been answered browse the forum a lil more before makin all these new threads but no u wont get arrested unless u buy from a police site all the packagin wit online orders from smoke shops and things like that is discreet and dont even show up on your credit card statement as marijuana or seeds
  3. most places a secretive about their orders. but like above mentioned the search tool is your friend
  4. montana? no.. but you couldnt buy seeds of most sites anyways. check there terms. they should tell you who they ship too. and places like grasscity are very discreet about orders given the risks involved
  5. i cant buy seeds here like wtf lol
  6. GC doesn't ship seeds to the US anyways so it doesn't matter.
  7. go the seed bank section, there are several threads with personal accounts of people purchasing seeds and having them shipped to the US.

    but in short, the worst case scenario that i have seen in the US is that, if caught, customs will seize your seeds, send you the empty pakage, and include an official warning note stating that you can't import illegal substances. end of story. no arrests, no fines, no jail time. just a note. although it's just a note, the worst part about it probably is that you might be on their radar for future deliveries, purchases, etc. i suspect this isn't true, but no way to rule it out with certainty.

  8. before schooling the OP on the search function, why don't you learn to use some punctuation?
  9. Most sites that sell seeds won't ship to the US. And if they do, it's prolly cops, or it's not legit.
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    not true. there are several sites that are legit that sell to the US.

    please don't spread false information without first doing research. There is a great "Seed Banks" section in this forum with lots of great information on it.

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