Can you get any diseases or get ill from sharing joints, pipes. etc.?

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  1. Can you? I try to avoid sharing joints, pipes, bongs etc. with strangers who want to join a session because I don't want to possibly inhale their saliva, germs, viruses, or whatever.
  2. Diseases that are contagious through transmission of saliva range anywhere from the common cold, which is most common, all the way to Hepatitis B, which is less common than most people would have you think.

    There are literally hundreds of diseases and pathogens that can be subjected to the human body through basic person to person interaction, and you simply can't avoid them all. We had a Medic that picked up Turberculosis (Which is an Airborne Pathogen) from speaking with a girl that just fell down and broke her leg, so he didn't feel the need to wear a mask. It can happen just like that, so don't spend too much time concerning yourself with it. Most of what you will pick up through sharing pipes or joints is treatable and/or curable through medication.

    Leaving out the common cold and influenza viruses, here are some of the more serious conditions:

    Upper Respiratory Infection
    Bacterial Meningitis
    Eppstein-Barr Virus
    Hep B
    Molluscum contagiosum

    Cool, huh?


    Just relax, Amigo. The chances of your friends having any of these are pretty slim unless you are really certain that they're living a double life.
  3. thanks for the info. I'm glad you did not list Hepatitis C there
  4. It can be transferred through saliva, but it's rare. Typically it's picked up through blood to blood contact, but saliva can have blood in it.

    I didn't list it, though. Maybe I should have.

  5. What's a little Hep B between friends? :D
  6. hellllllllll noooo, ur crazy. glad u arent my friend geez...
  7. The only thing I would worry about would be flu/cold, it's very unlikely that you can transfer and serious diseases through passing joints around :)
  8. uhhh how about oral herpes? that would be my biggest concern...

  9. i would also like to know if you can pass oral herpes from sharing smoking tools :(
  10. Ewww to sloppy smokers
    Don't slop over ur tools
    Clean ur tools with atleast jot water after each sesh, that's what I do atleast
  11. Yeah just don't get it wet, shouldn't you be sharing joints with people that you don't suspect have hepatitis b?
  12. The answer is yes.
  13. Some nasty additions to that list include gonorrhea, clamidya, and trich (yeast) Yes these can be transmitted orally as well :eek:. Nesseria is a prolific conjugater (likes to have lots of baterial sex) so the genes for antibiotic resistance are widespread and most strains of gonorrhea are resistant to most commonly used antibiotics, and some are resistant to all antibiotics.. Thus its a good idea to protect yourself from being infected in the first place.

    What I do after a sess is rinse my mouth and lips with hot water, and also cheap vodka, I find this helps with cotton mouth and also kills most pathogens (before they integrate into your cells).

    Also wanted to add that if your using glass you can just flame the tip for a good 5 sec before you hit it.
  14. Ugh, I got a terrible upper respiratory infection from sharing a joint once.
  15. My buddy said that happened to him with a bong, so he doesn't smoke out of them anymore.
    I've definitely gotten sick from smoking with friends, glass bowl mostly.

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