Can you get an STD from a BJ?

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    if a girl had aids and she gave a guy a BJ, could said guy get HIV / AIDS?
  2. NOPE.

    my friend had aids never got it

    be careful sharing needles and unprotected sex though

    IF THERE ON THE PILL IT OKAY (Aids pill dur)
  3. [quote name='"cronicdemonic"']if a girl had aids and she gave a guy a BJ, could said guy get aids?[/quote]

    AIDS is not transmitted via saliva.
  4. Other STDs can be though.

  5. If there was any abrasions of any sort on the skin, then there is a possibility it could happen.
  6. Good point. Watch out for biters.:smoke:
  7. You can absolutely get STDs from oral sex. If your partner has a cold sores, you can get genital herpes. That's the easiest to get but you can also get warts, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis or hep b.
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    I'm most just worried about aids
  9. answer is no dude

    and dont listen to buddy says if she has cuts or u have cuts

    just not gonna happen

    and dont even worry about sharing drinks and food with her even if she does have cuts

    just not gonna happen

    i mean u can even have sex and share a needle with aids

    even if they arent on the pill

    and still not get it

    it high risk though
  10. No. You can't get AIDS from a BJ, however, you can get HIV. It's pretty rare and you'd need to have open wounds or sores to get it from salivia. Still, you SHOULD worry about the others too. It's stupid to be unsafe.
  11. hmmm ok, but rubber for a BJ...?
  12. Yeah, if the person that is giving the BJ has a cut in their mouth, they can transfer the aids to the BJ receiver.
  13. Better than your cock rotting off...I mean, you could always get her tested. That's what I do.

  14. lol really? "Hey bitch before you can smd, you gotta go get tested"
  15. Why the hell not? Back when I was getting casual sex, I ALWAYS asked them for STD test results and gave them mine. I don't want any STDs and I'll do what's needed to make sure I don't get them
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  17. If she had an open sore in her mouth and you had an open sore on your penis, then technically, yes, but I would say the odds are low. You definitely need to be tested, though...
  18. If a girl has herpes around her mouth, she WILL pass it onto your pride and joy unless you wear a condom. If you've got herpes the same applies only to her mouth.

    No pun intended.
  19. Hey OP, do you know that she has AIDS, or are you just worried that she might?
  20. If you do get AIDS that's God's way of punishing you for having premarital sex fool.

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