Can you freeze dry herb instead of letting it dry out?

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    After you harvest, instead of waiting weeks to dry and cure, couldn't freeze drying cut that time in half? 
    I'm sure there are a lot of reasons you wouldn't want to freeze dry, so please enlighten me.
    But if there aren't any good reasons why not besides money to buy that kind of equipment, i'll gladly take credit for the (genius?) idea.  :yay:

  2. I assume it will just freeze the moisture content in the raw material, thus once defrosted at a later stage the moisture will return back to fluid and the buds will be pretty much back to square one.
  3. Ideally you want to dry weed slowly for the best smoke. Freeze drying will do the job fast but won't give the chlorophyll any time to break down.
    i guess you don't know what freeze drying is.

    basically you freeze it at a certain temperature, then you apply some pressure and the water molecules go from a solid to a gas (without ever becoming liquid), and the gas is sucked out. it's basically another way to dehydrate something.
  5. i THINK that it might work for initial drying, though i think curing would still need to be done, so you'd really only save yourself a few days to a week or so. plus, have you tasted shit thats freeze dried? tastes like ass most the time.
    sure, eating freeze dried food doesn't taste great. 
    but i don't think anyone can say they have smoked freeze dried tobacco or weed, so who really knows if it's worse?
  7. True true, but i HAVE smoked tobacco that had been in a freezer for a LONG time. its was in there for at least three years.( it was in there before my mom died in '10 i think, and i found that bag of tobacco like three months ago in the freezer. the cigarettes tasted freezer burned, like meats do. freeze dried foods have that dusty freezer taste, so i would take my best guess and assume that if freeze dried food tastes that way, then bud will too. 

    All i can really say is try it. If it doesnt suck then, alright alright. if it does oh well
  8. Let us know if that works!! It would just be funny to know... Great idea by the way!

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  9. Haha. I dont think freezer burn is the same as freeze drying. I used to steal some cigarettes from the freezer too. My dad forgot he put them there, but I didnt know he forgot, so id only take one at a time so he didnt find out. I kept doing this til his whole pack was empty.
  10.  yeah me too. lol i remember the day my mom caught me, she woke me up for school and was like " I dont care if you smoke, but STOP STEALING MY GODDAMN CIGGARETTES!!"  but lets put it a different way, MRE's are all freeze dried foods that are re-hydrated in those awful little pouches. they taste horrible. so i can only imagine its gonna deter flavor and overall quality a great deal. saving that small amount of time isnt worth the overall sacrifice. if it was practical it'd be commonplace, and its not. 
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    Here is a little bit on drying from one of the grow books I have.

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  12. Freeze drying would certainly work however it would leave the final product with a horrible taste, little-no smell and probably be harsh as fuck.
  13. Sounds like some garbage I bought to run as BHO a month ago!!! Hard to believe I picked it up at a dispensary!

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  14.  there are actually two types of freeze-drying. The poor man's freeze-drying uses dry ice in the nature of carbon dioxide to leach moisture out of the herb.
     True freeze-drying requires a vacuum chamber. The idea is that you freeze a substance at standard pressure then vacuum out the air to reduce the pressure below the condensation point for water. As you warm it up the moisture evaporates just as it would normally however it does so faster.  (This is why water will boil in your hands in space).
     there is no reason you have to dry it to the point where it is herb flavored astronaut ice cream.  if done right I believe this could greatly increase both the flavor and potency, Particularly if it is to be used in a vaporizer.

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