Can you force flower outdoors?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kill a jedi, May 24, 2010.

  1. Can you force a plant into flowering, like at the start of july or so, while its still long light days, Like how many hours of sun does a plant need to start flowering outside? Can i move it into the shade to induce it?
  2. Hey man, I'm pretty much in the same position- I'm gonna induce flowering soon on an outside plant. I'm pretty sure the same light hours apply to outside than with inside plants- 12 hours light, 12 hours dark. I don't think moving it into the shade will induce it, because it will still be getting some sunlight... I've read that you can put a dark garbage bag over the plant after 12 hours of light.

    What I'm gonna do, though, is put it in a closet around 8 PM and bring it back outside at 8 AM. I'm just worrying about these damn bugs coming from outside into my house...
  3. Yeah, but you have to do the bag thing or bring it inside and put it in a closet. It needs near complete darkness for the flowering hormone to build up.

    You could also try putting a gun to its head and asking in a stern manner. Might work.

  4. Ok i will be bringing it in then i guess. And lightning is actually a bit different outdoors from what i understand, you need atleast 10 hours of direct sunlight, versus 18 hours with lights.
  5. This will probably make it flower faster. Good call, dude. I'm gonna ask my buddy to borrow his. If that doesn't work, I'll get it high and ask nicely...? :smoke:

    You talkin' in veg, right? I got mine outside all day, probably gets about 14-16 hours of sun, and growing like a beast. I don't think flowering is different for outside, 12 hours light, 12 hours dark.

  6. Yeah im talking veg, im pretty sure flowering time is the same.

    Yeah with 16 hours of sun i bet its growing up fast. I am getting about 11 direct and 6 indirect hours of sun a day.
  7. Ok I'm kinda new to the Nutrient aspect of growing, but I'm trying to do the same thing here (forced flowering outdoors when sun is not on the right schedule). Someone above mentioned that the plants need 12 hours of darkness to build up enough of the flowering hormone, but I was wondering if this hormone is a product that is available? Also, is there any nutes that we could use that would cause the plant to stay in flowering?

  8. No. It all has to do with the light, not what you are feeding it.
  9. Wouldn't adding bloom nutrients help ??? I don't see how it couldn't but there is no need to bring it inside you'd fuck with the plant.

    If it's an outdoor plant leave it there!
  10. ^^ i had the same thought, i'm happy with the size mines at and would rather it spend it's last month or so flowering in the nice toasty weather. I use the 3 foxfarm nutes (grow big,tiger bloom, and big bloom). could i use big bloom and tiger bloom to push it towards flowering?
    any more suggestions for forcing into flowering??(with success of course)
  11. Just began putting a dark trash bag over my plant at night time but the bag seems to push down and rest on the buds on top..any tips or suggestions on how to get it off of them or will that even affect the flowering?

  12. Just let them grow. That's all you can really do as far as light outdoors. Is there some big rush? In a greenhouse you could have blackout shades but they would have to be perfect and you would have to do 12/12 on an absolutlely perfect- same-time-every day basis.

    I Understand It's been done.

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