Can you flower for too long?

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  1. Hi Grasscity - I've got a harvesting question I'd really appreciate some advice on. I know that you're supposed to harvest when most of the trichomes (that's hairs, right?) turn brown, but one of my Northern Lights seem to be turning brown early (it's still got two weeks to flower).

    The question is this, do I leave it for the full eight weeks flowering cycle, or cut it a week early if the majority of hairs have gone brown? And does 'majority' mean virtually all of them or just 51% of them? Does the bud 'go off' if you leave it to flower for too long? The other plant just has white hairs, which I'd expect at this stage.

    thnx in advance for any help
  2. As far as I know plants can flower early. And you can flower them for too long. So what I advise you to do is cut some bud off that particular plant and dry it, then smoke it. compare that bud to the bud of the same plant when you harvest the rest of it. Then decide which was better so you know in the future what to do. Make sense?
  3. that's how i test some plants to see if i like many of the pistols have turned brown now?........harvest at approx 70-80% amber/brown, that's a very rough way to judge........better to tell with a 30x microscope..........Peace out........Sid

    some plants can mature early due to stress during the grow, or bad ph etc........with 2 weeks to go, you should only be giving it water now, and the plant will most prob start showing a N deff (yellowing of the lower leaves), this is normal............
  4. Yep. Leaves are starting to yellow. Thnx for the reassurance on that. I'll harvest a bud early if its showing 80% brown/amber and stick it in the microwave. Can't wait...

    thnx for the help - and to everyone else who's shared their knowledge during my first grow. Much appreciated.
  5. try to dry it slower, not using the microwave, like in toilet roll on top of a monitor, or the radiator, to try to keep some of the potency........Peace out........Sid

  6. Aloha London Guy, Trichomes are NOT the red hairs. They are the sticky crystals that are on the buds and leaves. They are what you watch and wait to turn cloudy or amber, depending what kind of high you are looking for. If you have a microscope, look at them for color. The red hair theory is when about 75% of them are red than you harvest. I prefer to check the trichomes for 60-75% amber. Aloha and I hope I helped you a bit.:wave:
  7. Woah 60-70% amber? I've never done that I'm gonna have to try it what kind of high does that produce? I chop when I'm 20% amber tops.
  8. i cut when the plant is ready, i dont only judge by trichs ever. the trichs are little tiny mushroom shaped things that make your plant look frosty. the hairs are called pistils. the pistils usually start turning first, then shortly after the trichs change. when all is said and done the pistils will recede into the calyx and swell up rather large. when you only judge on trichs you sort of limit your self on weight. depending on the strain they all change at different rates. most indicas turn mostly amber by the time they are ready and sativas will stay mostly cloudy and partially amber when they are ready. if you want less of a stoney high from an indica some people cut them early judging only trichs and sacrifice quite a bit of weight. imo if you want a less stoney high grow a sativa and let it finish all the way.

  9. Trial and error at its best!
  10. [​IMG]

    Courtesy of Green House Seeds!
    I'm studying marijuana horticulture, I'm barely on the lights chapter, haven't read the harvesting section, but I do have a general idea that you don't want the hairs to be completely brown (red, orange, and other tints for other plants). Some plants can flower early due to the genetic makeup; maybe in your case the grower! You might be doing something right that the environmental for the plant is ideal!

    I'd also do the trial and error method Mustard mentioned.
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    Hi Y'all,
    I think I'm on topic, flowering too long....
    I have some wonder women @ 13 weeks flower. Harvested most already. Last few branches have what look like empty seed sacks. Definately waited too long in one respect (seems a bit dried out). Most trich's are fine, buds still wet. Not sure whether I should just bubble or dry.
  12. Guys when they talk about the change in color it is the Trichomes they are talking about the little mushroom shaped shiny thingys on the leaves and buds when they start going cloudy and amber harvest is close it isn't the pistles --Erb
  13. Depends on the strain as far as flowering. I have woody haze that takes 7 weeks and full moon which takes about 16( its s landrace). The plant will tell u when its done.
  14. Google Trichomes..all done ?? now you know what to look for ,, get the 20 buck microscope from radio shack..i did multi grade harvesting..some clear/cloudy..some clear /amber..and some mostly amber..the longer you let it go the more whupass and couch lock it'll get..go for the gusto and let it go atleast 50% waited this long .. don't harvest to early and wind up with weak smoke..

    Now you need to cure..can find my personal curing methods on my thread..i see a lot of good pot gone bad on the cure..
  15. There's a reason all your pistils turned brown...

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    I did a multigrade harvest also. I know what a trichome is and the stages, desired effect, etc.
    As Ericthe9reat says, "the plant will tell u when it's done".

    "it's a weed, man, not a fetus.....keep it simple, it well tell u what to do"

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