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Can you flavor your weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by MarleyIsaLegend, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Ive heard you could like put different drinks and stuff into your bong and itd give you that flavor but could you somehow like make your weed taste like peaches, oranges, blueberries, etc. ?
  2. the question is not, can you flavor your weed.
    but is more of,
    Should you flavor your weed?

    anyway, you should try those little flavor things from the headshop
    put a few drops into bong water or osmething, may change it some
  3. You COULD get flavored papers like juicy jays but your weed should taste good on it's own.
  4. Yeah, you can easily change the flavor.

    I've smoked bong with cola, flavored blunts, and sometimes i like to spice my joints up with vanilla tobacco. Im not quite sure why you would do that tho... Weed tastes great if it's quality. It's like telling a natural beauty: Go get some botox bitch!

  5. I dont think so, I think of it more like Coca-cola. Sure you love it, and it'll always be your favorite soda, but every now and then, you want a Vanilla Coke, or maybe even a Cherry Coke. You taste weed all the time, and it's only natural to want other flavors in the mix.
  6. Try those drops. they're like 2 bucks at my headshop and they work pretty good.
  7. Cherry.. Coke? :hide:
    God, i hate that stuff
  8. i was told you could add flavours while flushing like flushing with wine would make grass taste of wine????????????????
    i tend to like the taste of grass so wouldn't want to f about with it(also very sceptical as to how this could work)
    wont be doing anything like this to my presious girls!
  9. Taste puff works like others have said.
  10. Cherry Coke is the bees knees, bro.
  11. I wouldn't recommend it.
  12. Once i brought a Cherry Coke to a smoking session. Now im banned for life :(
  13. ummm not sure if I would want to put soda or any sugary drink into my bong....sounds like it'll leave quiet a mess..
  14. Can you put vanilla extract or something on the grass in a pipe?
  15. that would be disgusting.

    Op use water in your bong. Get used to the taste of pure weed smoke, it tastes pretty damn good, don't flavour it, thats gross.
  16. If you like the taste of clove, you can sprinkle a little onto a bowl for flavor. It's also really good for treating a toothache. The smoke does get a touch harsher though.

    Clove + Weed isn't for everyone, but I like smoking blacks, and I like it...

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    Damn I am going to have to try that cause I love smoking blacks when I am done burning.

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