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Can you eat weed straight up?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by smoke.dank, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. without cooking it? just a plain fat nug down the hatch?
  2. As far as I know, to activate the THC, it needs to be exposed to a certain high temperature (ie. a flame). Now I'm not sure that it won't do anything, but it won't be the same as smoking it.
  3. Needs to be heat activated...

    at least thats what everyone says.

    anyone actually try it?
  4. heat activated my ass

    you just gotta eat more than you smoke to get high
  5. Nope its gotta be heated to release the THC.
  6. you can feel something (slight buzz) but you would have to eat waaay more than it's worth. smoke it or cook with it. and try the search engine next time...
  7. Can I see the link as proof for friends?
  8. well the human body runs 98 degrees, is that enough heat to activate thc???:confused: id love to find out:cool:
  9. It doesn't need to be heated to become active, it needs to heated to become either dissolved in a fat or alcohol or to vaporize it into a smoke...

    No you can't eat it straight up.. why? Because THC isn't bioavailable orally unless it's dissolved in something that is (i.e fats and alcohols)
  10. Haha, not even close. According to this site, a lighter's flame is 1977 degrees Celsius. Not sure how accurate that is, though.
  11. To sum up the other thread, I along with a couple others discussed decarboxylization and passage into the GI tract. Decarboxylization removes the COOH (carboxyl) group from the end of the THC molecule changing it I believe from delta-9 to delta-11 THC making it better formed for absorption, in addition, an extraction of the compound into a fat or alcohol allows it to leech into your GI tract at a notably greater rate than it would otherwise, and heat is essentially necessary for the fat extraction. The other side, still unconvinced at the end of the thread for the most part, maintained that they got "reterdly fuk't up" (not a real quote) from eating pot straight, whereas our explanation asserted that you would feel something, but not absorb enough THC eating it straight to do much, in reasonable quantities
  12. Didnt they say the twin towers melted at like, 1500 degrees though? I mean, burning down the twin towers with bics?
  13. nope.

    in order to digest the weed properly, it needs to be absorbed in some fat. otherwise most of the trichs will just be destroyed by the acid in your stomach. im not sayin you wont catch a buzz if you eat like an 8th, but youll notice barely anything and compared to smoking or eating a 8th (that was cooked right) youre wasting weed.

    eating it without cookin it is a waste of money, time, and good weed. its not even worth trying, less you like to chew on the stems (like me):)

  14. You do that? I have a lot of friends who, after we roll up a joint and pack a bowl, will always chew on the stems. Do you do it for the taste or what? I've tried and I much prefer the taste of a lung full of smoke. Or some munchies :hello:.
  15. LOL HIB to the rescueeee.
  16. wont do anything. i always eat whatever loose shake is on the table after rolling a blunt though.
  17. WoW you guys r fuckin retarded tryin to know wat ur talkin bout sayin it needs to be heated up an all this fat shit your plan stupid an have no facts try it fo ur self
    me on tha otha hand have gotten high hella fucked up off of eatin 1 gram of bud but it was a bitch to get

    Completely uncalled for. You obviously need to read the rules again because this is not the type of posting we want around GrassCity - TokinBlue

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