can you eat weed and get high

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  1. sup guys, im new to smoking pot but my brother let me try once and i liked it. he also left me with a fat bag of weed. it was like i think 1/2 pound idk. well anyways i dont know how to roll a joint of weed so i tried something else. i took a handfull of weed and started cheiwing. it tasted horrrrribllle xDD. i gaged once while swallowing. after i ate it i felt a little dizzy but i was feeling kinda good. after that nothing really happened but i think i was high. i told my brother and he slapped me in the face really hard. i had a imprint of his hand on my face. he said you cant get high eating weed idiot. he took away some of my weed he gave me and he told me i had to pay him back for wasting his weed. hes a douchebag . anyways i didnt believe him and wanted to ask online if you can geet high on eating weed.

  2. You don't eat weed. That's only going to give you a stomach ache.
    You unlock the magic through heating the cannabinoids
    Kids these days...
  3. I'm sorry, I must have skimmed this part when reading your post. Give your brother a high five on my behalf.  :hello:
  4. relax man i was just asking nicely no need to be a bitch
  5. You'd rather eat the weed....than figure out how to roll? 
    To answer your question...I uh think so? 
    I got pulled over one time, and ate a bag of weed. And I felt stoned afterwards...
    Your brother must be ballin'.  :rolleyes:
  7. I'm completely relaxed. In fact, I was about to go smoke and masturbate. Thanks for your concern though.
    Now I'm not though.
    Now I'm going to have fun.
    So listen up kiddo.
    1)it was like i think 1/2 pound idk.
    2) xDD
    Who uses those emoticons?
    3)  i gaged once while swallowing. 
    This is a flat out a gold mine. There are endless responses and pics I can put up.
    4) hes a douchebag
    I know right?
    5)anyways i didnt believe him and wanted to ask online if you can geet high on eating weed.
    Coming to the INTERNET to find the truth.
    What year were your born again? You told me before, but I forgot. 
  8. funniest shit ive read in a while first off you piss off your brother by eating his weed straight and then you out him as a hard drug dealer on the internet lol
  9. Can someone please /thread
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    Op, you can definitely get high from eating it but what you need to do is shove all that weed up your asshole and leave it there for a few hours so it gets nice and warm so it heats the cannabinoids THEN eat it. Have fun dude.
  11. Next time try to inject your marijuanas
  12. shelf it, that works best Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. No, next time try grinding it up and pouring it in your butt
  14. lol yes you can eat raw cannabis and get high, it just takes aloooooooot to feel even minimal effects. learn how to roll or buy a pipe? carrot steam roller? c'mon son!
  15. I second the high-five to your brother.
    But no, that doesn't work. It needs heat.
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  17. eat the whole 1/2lb then report back to us
  18. you should have tried to figure out SOME way to smoke it before resorting to just eating it raw.  But it really was your brothers mistake for giving a newbie so much weed.  You can't appreciate a stash unless you spend months picking up dime bags first and your brother should have known that.
  19. OP How old are you? If your under 18 eating RAW weed will get you highSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  20. You ate it... I am actually quite curious as to how you thought this would work?

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