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can you eat vaped weed straight and get high?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by footballkid001, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. i heard that since the bud has already been heated during the vaping, the thc is already activated and therefore eating it will get you high. if this is true, how much should i eat? i have about 6 grams
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    eat it
    edit: naw i would cook it...
  3. I have no clue lol
  4. Yea you can eat it and get high. How much? No idea.
  5. You can, but its dry as f*ck. Thats why you make it with something, use your vaped weed for brownies bro.
  6. update lol, just ate a bowl of ice cream with 2g vaped weed mixed in. will update more within the next hour.
  7. This is very true.
    You only need about 2 grams for a nice little trip.
    I like to eat it with ice cream, just mash it around nicely, then eat.
    edit: It may take up to 2 hours for pronounced effects.
  8. yes it will get you high :) I prefer to save mine and make canaoil for brownies/cookies
  9. alrite its been about a half hour, definatley feeling it coming on already!
  10. how much vaped weed do u need to make a potent batch of brownies or cookies?
  11. Can you snort vaped weed and get high. That is the question. Any adventurous volunteers?
  12. I'll give it a shot.
    For science.
  13. haha sorry guys was really high and just forgot to update haha so ya iv been high as shit for a bit coming down now tho i think, about to hop in the shower so yes i would like to conclude that my hypothesis was true and you can in fact get ripped off eating straight vaped bud. although u hav to use a lot of flavor cover ups cuz that shit tastes nasty i had to use a bunch of ice cream and crushed up cookie n some candy all in a bowl n i still tasted the vaped bud a bit hah
  14. no it is physically impossible to get high from thc via insufflation it isnt water soluble so therefore doesnt dissolve through the nasal pasage like a lot of other drugs do. if u try and snort vaped weed i feel bad for you, because you are a moron.
  15. I actually had a friend bring up the same subject. He had one of those Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizers that everyone seemed to think were the best things ever (honestly for their size, they kind of are). He would take the vaped weed at the end, spread butter on a cracker, and just sprinkle it on top. Obviously I had to try this, and I must say that it worked pretty well. I'm not positive about the potency. I would just keep going until I felt like I had enough. The butter doesn't really do anything other than make sure the weed sticks to the cracker and mask the taste of eating vaped weed, which it does quite well.
  16. My friend took like 3gs of ABV and spread it on a peanut butter sandwich. He said it was the highest he has ever been and he has been smoking straight dank for 4+ years
  17. You do notice that in both case the ABV was mixed with fats which I believe are supposed to help.
  18. i have some vaped weed and am yet to try this because i live in a dorm but I've been told if you sprinkle it on pizza and microwave it the pizza grease (all fat) absorbs it and you can then knock off the weed so you dont have to actually eat the nastiness 
  19. Depending on how spent it is it can REALLY mess you up. I vape at lower temps usually so I get a lot of leftover goodness.

    Aprox 1.5-3 grams per person is good depending on potency. I also make mine with high fat content or oil content to aid in extraction/absorption of material. Coconut oil works the best as well as peanut butter. I also add a few teaspoons of soy lechicin as an emulsifier (weed oil/fat soluble; GI track water soluble.)

    Making them this way has always been very potent for me.
  20. if i use like 1-2 bowls of the mflb and spread it on a cracker would i get high

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