Can you dry bud in a dehydrator?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thebeatles069, May 21, 2008.

  1. ever heard of these things? i jus rememberd from my childhood my dad makin home made beef jerky lol in a dehydrator do you think you could dry bud in this? i think it seems like it would work cuz it takes all that hydration out jus like how it makes the beef jerky!

    something likes this??\ &cm_pla=Kitchen Electrics&cm_ite=K116713

    says good for herbs in description ;p
  2. works for water cure method of drying.

    but for regulary drying wet bud quality/taste would suffer greatly. i would go against it if i was u and wait it out. bud is like a fine wine......only gets better with age.
    -me :p
  3. hmm so the thc would like get worse ur saying? like would it get me less high? cuz i jus need a stealth ass drying process but i will cure for 30 days in jars
  4. The best taste and potency will only be realized when you slow dry and cure your buds.
    do NOT use the dehydrater your bud will certainly taste of swag. if you want a stealth dryer make somthing like this

    i use one and love it. if smell isn't an issue than it's very low budget( tub, chicken wire)
    you can build a silent carbon filter yourself tho for under 40$ if you plan tho.

    this is how i dry and cure and it's always comes out sweet.....except that one time but that doesn't matter.
  5. Yes sir you can dry Marijuana with a food dehydrator, I do all the time. I use the lowest heat setting and run it through the night, check it first thing in the morning, and dry till it's "crackly", then bag it and let the moisture even out and test it. If it needs more, I simply leave the bag open till it's right. Ok for that test run or small batch you need. It shrinks it like you would not believe compared to air drying, but the end result still works just fine. If you get the chance, turn it half way through and keep space between the buds. Even if you over dry it, just throw a fresh bud in for a day, it'll come right back to where you want it. Not saying if it really changes the high, maybe the taste, but it does get better as time goes by. This is not stealth; seemed to have missed that, sorry.

    Good luck


  6. this would be a the same thing as food dehydrater they ajust from 85f to 155 f and air dry just the link but less getto

    look at teh setting and teh volume u can do and it has 85f air to quickly dry and allow u to avoid mold
  7. Aloha! Gots lots of humidity here, so mold is a big problem. To dry, I kind of use a dehydrator, but only as my cabinet. I put a fan behind it that blows in the holes but not directly on my beauties. I don't use the fan or the heating element of the dehydrator. I use the cage of the dehydrator's fan to hang my beauties. I then cover the door with a black trash bag to diminish the small amount of light that sneaks in through the cracks between the door and the cabinet. Btw, I have an excalibur dehydrator, which I use often for other things, and I know there are other types of which this post might not make much sense, my apologies. The length of time it requires varies depending on our weather, and we live on the edge of a rainforest, so drying requires patience and attention.

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