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  1. I'm reading about some breathing techniques for relaxation and it says to breath in through your nose for 8 counts, hold for 4 counts, then breath out for another 8 counts. I'm guessing counts means seconds? I can't even inhale for 8 seconds..
  2. I can breathe through my nose for five seconds, hold in a relaxed manner for four seconds, and then slowly breathe out for six seconds.
    The numbers seem irrelevant though.
    I think the point of the reading is just to take longer and calmer breathes, which is relaxing. The article, of whatever, could have just said that. Putting in exact "counts," just makes it seem so hipster. Maybe it's just me. 
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    it works a little. Inhale slowly
  4. i have had to learn some relaxation also since i am picking up an instruments that absolutely needs relaxation to control your breathing. i was getting stuck on the counts as well but just ignored it and take slow, relaxed breaths.
    The whole point of the exercise is to breathe as slowly as you can. It is about relaxation............not stuffing O2 into your lungs. That shit is poison, I suggest diluting it with some kind of delicious beneficial clouds or vapor
  6. Pretty normal, u don't start from the top

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