Can you do the Spock Thing?

Discussion in 'General' started by Floydian, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Live long and prosper!


    Can you do the Vulcan salute, made famous by Mr. Leonard Nimoy on the original Star Trek television series, inspired by a Jewish blessing?

    Even after a decade of strengthening my hand muscles through playing guitar, I'm hopelessly unable to perform the Vulcan salute.

    How about you folks?
  2. damn ive always been able to do it....
  3. Yes and the Mind meld and Death grip.... :cool:

    But pon farr can be a little rough...:poke:

  4. Never could do it.

    Oh well.
  5. With my eyes closed, behind my back. :cool:
  6. Yes on both hands. I love being ambidextrous!
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    Yupp yuppp, Shits on lock... 1/4 Vulcan on my fathers side ;)
  8. Duuuhh its super easy lol
  9. I am right handed but I can only do it with my left.

  10. I gots both on lock :devious: :laughing:
  11. Can't do it with either hand :(
  12. lol whaaaa?!

    People can't do this? :confused:

    Well I'll be damned...
  13. pssshhhh i use to do this as kid pretending i was a ninja turtle

  14. All the things that matter Ic an do with two hands. :ey: :D
  15. Everyone has varying degrees of control, and states of development, of certain muscles. It's kind of like how some people can wiggle their ears, or raise one eyebrow with complete independence of the other.


    Some folks just can't.

    For years my mother joked about how I can curl my tounge (as in making the left and right sides curl up and touch eachother) and make a weird clover like shape, yet she has no such control of her tounge. She was quite amused to find out that I cannot do the Vulcan salute, though she can.
  16. i never knew people couldn't do this...strange.

    i can do it with both hands and both feet! ok, well maybe not my feet.

    btw HUGE original star trek fan here! got every episode of the original series on VHS!
  17. You bet I can.

    Every self respecting trekky should be able to.
  18. Put your hands together and then use your other hand to separate them keep doing this and you will be able to finally do it :)
  19. Yeah I know, I'm still kinda perplexed. I guess I just didn't realize that this one existed.

    I was never able to do the eyebrow thing, either. At least not very well.

    Also I was never able to bend my pinky without bending my ring finger, but I can do the ring without the pinky. But maybe that's more common.
  20. I can throw em both almost as fast as I can throw my west side signs.

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