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Can you dilute your urine too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by daedelus, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. So i took a drug test earlier today....pretty sure I passed it, but i took about 5 average-sized cups of water beforehand plus a bunch of B-vitamins. My piss turned a light yellow, but probably would have been clear without it.

    I was wondering if the test could come back inconclusive or something because of the amount of water i drank- or if drinking too much water is a bad idea. They took the sample without any questions, but isn't there a test they do checking to see if you tampered with your urine?
  2. If this is something you have to do on a regular bases. I suggest that you purchase a catheter bag. use someone's clean urine, strap the bag to your thigh to keep temp. up. there is a valve at the bottom. fill up the cup with no worries. I don't think the B & water will work. not to be negitive, I hope it does.
  3. Well, Its not going to be regular, its for a job, and i tested myself before the test to make sure and i tested negative for THC. Its just that i was with some friends who were smoking later, and despite what I've read, I was worried about the second-hand smoke i inhaled, so i decided to play it safe and dilute my urine with water.

    I'm just worried I'll have to do it again because its too diluted....
  4. ive heard the way they check for dilution is creatine levels. so the best way to do it is drink a lot of water the day before and in the morning before the test, drink a couple energy drinks to bring your creatine levels back up while still technically diluting your thc levels

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