Can you determine if a bag seed is auto?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ambient206, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. I want to know if there are any clear indications to identify an auto compared to a photoperiod. I understand that autos are much less common just not sure if it's limited to specific strains. Its dutch treat, is that a strain that comes as an auto variant?

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  2. No way to tell without growing it out.
    Just like there's no way to tell if a
    plant will be male or female just by
    looking at the seed.

    Bagseed always produces a mystery plant.
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  3. My last bag seed was the best one in the box. :smoke:
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  4. I have never had seen a seed from an auto plant from digging throu forums for a long time and growing 3 auto plants. I even wanted to maybe try to make one of my plants a hermie cuz auto seeds are a bitch to buy and you cant clone them but i didnt find any one doing that before.
  5. There are plenty of people making their own auto flowering seeds. You just aren't looking on the right forum for auto flowering knowledge! It's not as easy as just stressing a plant hermie. Hermie plants make hermie seeds. To produce feminized auto flowering seeds is a pretty straight forward project using colloidal silver(that you make yourself using pure silver and a low voltage power supply). Using feminized seeds you start the plant you intend to reverse a couple weeks or so before the plant you intend to pollinate. You spray your intended reversal plant with your colloidal silver daily the day she shows sex(her first pistols). The colloidal silver causes a hormonal change in the female plant and she will then start growing male flowers. Using the pollen from this plant to pollinate your intended seed plant will result in feminized seeds. You can of course pollinate the hole plant or just a branch or two. This is not the full instructions but rather a quick run down on how it works.

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