Can you defoliate in week 6?

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  1. I feel like it’s too bushy. I have decent airflow (above and below) but I’ve been advised to trim. Can this be done in week 6 without stress and possible herm or should I just let it ride?

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    You can use defoliation until harvest

    Personally I'd want a stronger light for better penetration, next grow strip it up to that red line round about. Or use a trellis net or bamboo stakes to spread branches out to help with light penetration. Many large fans above line could go as well.

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  3. And this won’t cause any stress? I’m terrified of a herm. Should I trim a few per day or just hack it all at once?
  4. I wouldnt have suggested it to ruin your grow bud. You and the plant will be fine. Whichever way you want. Taking it all off at once wont be an issue removing a little at a time would be fine as well. Whatever you're comfortable with. I'd take it all at once and be done then remove as needed daily until I was satisfied. Tend to always miss a few
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  5. Defoliation mimics insect invasion, which in turn elicits trichome production. Its kinda like Jasmonic acid.
    Bottom line, this kind of stress makes your weed better.
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  6. Agreed!:rolleyes:
    IMO… knowing how to time and utilize plant stresses is absolutely the key to having the dankest, terpene laden finished product.
    Most strains I’ve dealt with had pretty high thresholds, and they are my biggest sellers!:thumbsup:
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  7. Doesn't look super packed, but maybe a little dense. Honestly you can go either way, pull a few fans for better airflow, or just roll with what you got.
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