can you cut part of the plant and leave the other part flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by seedling4life, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. The top of the plant looks ready, all the hairs are red, but the lower buds are still small and all hairs are white, can i cut the top and leave the rest growing without stressing the plant?
  2. This reply just going on what has been read from online guides; Yes; you can, and is mentioned as a prefered meathod also. They say to prune just the top third or even half if needed, as long as the lower portion still has plenty of large and small leaves for feeding. They mentioned that if needed you could even switch the light back to 18/6 for a bit, then back to 12/12. I think it said it all depends on how far behind the lower portion was compared to the upper portion? But in theory it seems like a good idea.
    From reading online; im about to conclude that every person, w/every grow, w/every plant is different and there are numerous variables ea time. So seems sort of like life; in that what might be right for one, could be wrong for the next; even with the exact same scenario. Go figure ; lol, Good luck man.
  3. Thanks man, I already started flushing and about a 1/3 looks ready the other buds are tiny and with white hairs, I am going to do it, so we'll see what happens...
  4. Hold on, the hairs aren't the best way to tell at all. I've had clones of the same plant with different amounts of brown hairs when I harvested. The only true way to tell is to get a pocket microscope or a jeweler's loupe and look at the trichomes. They go from clear (not ready) to cloudy (mostly THC, head high) to amber (other cannabinoids, body high). My preference is to harvest when most are still cloudy. How long has your plant been flowering?
  5. kamelredlight is right acording to lit read. It depends on the person and what effect you desire from your cig. energetic, or sleep? The trichome watch party seems to be the bet way next to samples.. lol. Good luck with the endeavor man,

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