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Can you cook with trim that has been exposed to dry ice?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by amateurextracts, May 7, 2016.

  1. I'm doing dry ice sift with my trim and am wondering if it's okay to use the weed after for coconut oil and butter?

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  2. Yes
  3. Nothing that would mess up testing that dry ice would do to the weed? Like mild or mildew or something along those line?
  4. Once you do your dry ice sift I doubt there would be much worth cooking with- the trichomes are gone. At the very least it would require lots of trim. Let us know what you do, please.
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  5. There is still both nutritional value and flavor that you can get from the trimmings. I'm not really sure the OP was worried about the THC content of trimmings after the crystals have been removed.
  6. OP, what are you looking for. Nutritional value and flavor, or something to get you high?
  7. The statement above is correct.
    With a dry ice bath and a sift shaker nearly all the trichome heads of the trim(Which was already little) will pretty much be gone. Even with a pound or two it would pretty much be inadmissible for a concentrated batch(if the shake job is done well).
    The only value in cooking it would be if you like the taste of weed.
    You have some hash now pretty much enjoy that.
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  8. I read that some people like to take the trimmings, after the crystals are gone, and use them for juicing. Not sure how much nutritional value is left. (And I'd suspect people could argue both ways). But I guess it tastes pretty good with other ingredients. Not sure if anybody would use it as the main ingredient, or they're using it more as a flavor additive. Sorta like people like kale or other greens when juicing: the greens are usually not the main flavor of the drink.

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