Can you confirm this is a BOY? (Nice Macro pictures)

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    Greetings GC...I'm a little down right now :(

    This is day 46 of veg.

    Can you confirm that my one and only plant in my first grow is a boy :cry:












    If it is a boy, can anyone suggest a positive use for this plant. Can I make hash out of it? Perhaps someone could throw me a good link.

    Thanks fellow GC'ers....:cry:
  2. not enough thc in a male for hash
  3. I'm 98% sure it's a male. Sorry :(
  4. i take my males and use the leaves to roll up fat ass blunts, it gives u mellow - almost baked high for about 20 min
  5. if it in day 46 of veg you cant determine sex, it has to be put into flower ie: 12/12 to determine sex ;)
  6. I can't be sure that is a male or female it isn't very clear, Go ahead and start 12 and 12 you will know within the first week if it is either. I wish you luck.

    Amsterdamage how can you tell all i see is new growth the node that looks like a sac is actually a new set of leaves.

    Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I really appreciate everyones opinions. GC is the very best :hello:

    I'll throw it into 12/12 on Monday (going to be gone this weekend) and I'll let you know how it turns out. I appreciate it guys. Any other opinions/advice are, of course, welcome!


  8. you might be right, that might be vegetative growth.
    To me they look like male flowers but I'm not 100% sure.

    Definitely I wouldn't rip them out yet, I'd want to see more pics and wait a week or two to be sure

  9. This is not true. I've been able to determine sex prior to flowering on all of my crops.
  10. If you are the sex determining master, please teach us your technique! :)
  11. Look for the pistils. They show up before flowering. Same with males. They just look like balls. And Yes you have a male!
  12. Looks like vegetative growth at the nodes to me... the pics are good quality, but I can't be 100% sure. Male pollen sacs are more defined and grow in clusters. I wouldn't get rid of it just yet.

    Put it into flower, and you should definitely know within a week.
  13. my vote is male....and yes it can be very visible before 12/12, just one ball where a dozen will be, especially higher on the plant.

    The nodes dont appear, to me, to be leaf
  14. it has not shown sex yet, and yes you can see sex in veg
  15. Female at 55 days shows female pistils before flowering stage.
    If you are the sex determining master, please teach us your technique! :)

    There really isn't a technique just a good eye.

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    Well, I am new at this so I am not sure what it takes. About 6 weeks into it for the 1st time and am getting worried about being able to make the right determination of sex.

    Thank you for the pic, although its a little outta focus but should still help me.

    So, week 8-9ish should be about the time where you can tell normally? I have read you can determine sex anywhere from the 4th to 5th internode to as far as 2-4 weeks into flowering.

    I am getting the help of Jose Cervantes' 2006 Medical MaryJ growers guide and it has a little bit on sexing but I like to get as much info as possible on crucial aspects such as sexing.
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    Too bad the picture you posted is not of a female preflower. :rolleyes: The things you're pointing out in your picture are called stipules, and they have nothing to do with the sex of the plant.


    The picture above shows a female pre-flower. You can see the two white, hair-like pistils sprouted from a single calyx at the side of the new growth.

    The picture below shows male pre-flowers, or pollen sacs. You can see how male flowers usually grow in clusters, towards the middle of the internodes.


    I did not take these pics - I found them at - a site I'd never even heard of before I did a quick search for pre-flowering pics. But they're good, clear pics - and it was easier to find these than take my own pictures, so hope this helps a little.

    Don't worry too much... even your first time, it's easy to determine sex if you know exactly what you're looking for.
  18. Thanks MJ, these pics looks MUCH more like I expected to see than vipers.

    Going to start my journal soon, all CFL, may add an HPS or 2 at the end for density and girth. Still now sure if I want the extra heat though.

  19. that plant has not shown sex at all
  20. Hey guys, just an update. Today it almost looks like what I thought was "balls" were additional nodes creating new "branches." They didn't stay in ball form as far as I can tell. I think the jury is still out :hello:

    Thanks for all of the great responses! I never expected to get so many.

    I won't be throwing the plant into flowering until Friday because I need to finish light-proofing my box and making/installing a carbon filter. I have Friday off and I'm going to attack it like nutty.

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