Can you clone without rooting gel ?

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  1. My question is this, is there any way you can successfuly clone without rooting gel ? and is there anything you could replace it with if not ? something more accesible ? like make your own gel or root stiumulent...

    I seen a lot of herb scientists around here i should get a pretty good answer, at least that's what im hopping for.

  2. Yup - I dont think many people actually bother with cloning gel...there's no need as the stem will root without it in about the same amount of time.
  3. ive heard you can dip the stem in honey before planting... is that necissary?
  4. I've seen someone clone a clipping that was budding without rooting gel. I know it's possible.
  5. Oh hell yes it is... shit, just google 'clone using potato' and watch the magic... potatoe's are excellent for cloning - no gel required.

    Gotta always remember - these are weeds we are growing here - and weeds grow through concrete. Tough little buggerz!
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    I wouldn't bother with honey, i don't really see a point in that except for attracting ants. You can take cuttings and put them in a dark cup filled with tap water, and with an airstone connected to a pump, they'll root. Look up aerocloner as well, from what i've read, it's the fastest and best way to clone.
  7. Under ideal conditions, it can be done, but why bother? There are so many products out there to make it successful, its crazy to not use one. Unless you like a challenge or want bragging rights....If you need cloning help, there was an awesome post put up by Chunkdaddyo earlier tonite...check it out.
  8. i've heard of honey being used also as a type of rooting stimulant. supposably works great
  9. Hells yea you can. You have to remember that whenever a product is being sold some people will say you have to use it.

    Thats how the world goes round.:smoking:
  10. Cloning gel or powder is made just for making this proces faster,,,,
    you can just pust in cup with water and branch will make roots ...

  11. The granddaddy of rooting products is Dip 'n Grow which was developed in Portland, Oregon for rooting Christmas tree cuttings. Growing Christmas trees is a big industry in Oregon & Washington.

    Bottom line is that it was developed for hardwood cuttings though they do include directions for softwood plants on the package. Very few of the commercial nursery stock growers use rooting products and they're doing thousands and thousands of regeneration of plants at a time.

    To each their own..........

  12. Well I have a question...

    1) when cloning , dose my stem need to be submerged in the DWC res. or should it just be above the water and let the popping of the bubbles mist it?

    The unit I am using is "ecoflow DWC micro cloner" (

    Any help would be great!

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