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Can you Clone w/ spider mites?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by hemphero, May 6, 2010.

  1. So i got three moms from a friend that are HUGE and im just going to clone them but they are filled with spider mites. QUestion do I wash em in the shower with warm water and then clone em or WHAT>>>>????
  2. kill off the mites first...no sence spreading it around...
  3. I'd get rid of em personally, I mean even if you were to clean em real good I don't think you could get all of them. It's your call but if the clones still retain even one mite, it's probably fuked. You're call though.
  4. Get rid of two plants(burn)and work with one. Mix pesticide in a tub and completely submerge(dip)the plant thouroghly till all leaves, stems,stalks etc are treated. You will have to do this at least twice over a two week period, maybe more for surety and spray during the in between dip time.
    The main problem with S mites is they travel on your clothes, shoes etc wherever you go, so you need to make sure you are not reinfesting. Isolate the plant from where you normally grow. Once you think the mites are gone take your clones and work with the smaller clones to make sure no mites exist.
    To help avoid the little devils keep people out of your grow area, don't stomp around in the brush, woods etc, keep dead foilage of the plants and a clean non humid enviorment.
    Ladybugs will devour S Mies real fast. Putting a large number in a room with the plants will work and when the Ladybugs start dying from lack of food the S mites should be gone.

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