can you clone plants that are going to flower??

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  1. can you clone plants that are going to flower?? or at what point cant you clone??
  2. You should try searching.. you can clone almost whenever you want as long as the plant is not too small.

    Plants that are in flowering can be cloned, but the survival rate of the clone will go down, it will also take longer.(the later in flowering the worse it gets)
  3. I take all of my clones 3 or 4 weeks into flowering, they take longer to root but flower faster and branches out more.

  4. Hi,
    From my experience, you would be better of NOT cloning from flowering plants, most books seem to swear by this rule. When I have cloned from flowering plants, the clones have always taken a lot longer to produce roots & vegative growth was extremly slow. My advice is dont bother..But would be great to hear from someone that has actually got results from this
  5. If you want the clone to be genetically identical to the parent, you should always clone before it goes into flowering. Many experts will tell you that if you wait until it begins its new program (ie. flowering) you increase the chances of having genetic deformaties, and undesirable results over the generations, eg. lower potency, hermie traits, unusual branching, etc.

    Cloning while in veg is generally more successful (mine never take longer than a week), and as a clone has the age of its parent + its own life, it will flower as soon as you force it to, no problem.

    In short, clone in veg. You can start cloning from any plant that is more than a couple of weeks old, basically as soon as it has side shoots with three or four nodes on them. Handy for sexing.


  6. Can anyone else confirm what mu said about the genetic problems with clones taken after flowering?
  7. Wait im confused what is the point of cloning a plant if you don't know if its a female or not? I might be wrong but plants dont show their sex until a week or two into flowering..?

    Someone please clear this up for me!
  8. Let's say you have two plants, let's call them "A" and "B".

    A and B are a few weeks old, and of unknown sex, so we clone them.
    Now we have clones A2, and B2.

    We put A2 and B2 into 12/12 lighting.
    Shortly after, they show sex.

    Now we know what sex A and B are, without ever having to put them into flower. As their clones are identical to them, whatever sex the clone is, so too must be the parent.

    If they are female, we can now take many clones, and have genetically perfect off-spring of a know sex.


  9. O i see so you can take the clones to determine the sex early?

    Now when you put those clones right away into a 12/12 cycle can you keep flowering them to make bud (assuming they are females) or would that be too early? What would you do?
  10. Read my thread on sexing may help. Good luck.

  11. Wow man, you couldnt have explained that any better than you did. Your posts are always great...take it easy man. +rep
  12. Hey! Thanks Still Smokin! I try...


    Sure, you could keep flowering them, but that's probably a waste of space; they aren't big enough to produce a lot of bud. Here's a better idea (and there are limitless ways to go about this)...

    Instead of one clone, take two clones. Put one clone into the 12/12 for sexing, and the other clone into veg, begin LST on it, or whatever you prefer. While the 12/12 clones are sexing, their sisters are vegging. Once sex is known, you can compost the 12/12 clones and put the other (now vegged) clones into 12/12, either right away, or after a further week or more of veg.

    This is a better system if you have lots of unknown plants (i.e. just popped a bag of seeds) yet still want to get a full all-female harvest at the earliest opportunity. But like I say, there's loads of ways to go about it, depending on your needs and priorities. It's always wise to take two clones anyway, more symmetrical, and, well, you never know what might happen.


    ps. note to self: make time to read all Spanishfly's sig links.

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