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can you clone autoflowering strains

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by wolfpacker58, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. can you clone an auto flowering strain during veging before flowering. I am not talking about lowryder that begins flowering as soon as it pops but strains that autoflower after about 2 months. regardless of light.
  2. Yes you can sir
  3. You can get the autoflower cutting to grow roots, but it will finish at the same time as the mother it was taken from. Autoflowers have a genetically pre-determined lifespan, so the cutting will begin and end it's life at the age of the mother. You can certainly take a cutting, root it and it will flower, but the size and yield will surely not be worth the effort.
  4. ^ ive seen strains that auto-flower with 24 hours of light that can grow about 2 months before they start budding. This strain is also very photosensitive so every year when i put them outside from an 18/6 schedual they will start budding right away for about 7-8 weeks. Its a local cross not sure of its true genetics.

    With this strain you can take cuttings and it IS NOT going to be the same life cycle as its mother. When the plant gets about 3- 3 1/2 ft tall it will start budding shortly afterwards.
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    yes i also am growing that strain and everytime i tell people they act like im a crazy lier lol .. i do put plants in 8 gallons pot as soon as rooted and i notice they veg much longer before going into budding you know little hairs here but the plant bushs out and some weigh in over 3 ounces 100% auto flowering i never have to change the light cycle use 18 hrs sometimes 24 in cold winter my buddy found this strain as bag seed he sucks at growing so he starting growing it and then he couldnt keep it so he gave the plant to his dealer while it was still young and then found out it was the shit then my buddy jed wanted it back and a year later dude gave him 12 full size plants and i got 2 of them for helping him transport and i have been growin it now for 2 years and love it very strong thc and thick hard buds plants stay short and are just basicly just solid bushy plants i just started some white widow as well feminized seeds 2 of those took out of 3 and i have yet ot plant the other 2 .. sometime when i clone i use little buds and they germinate extremely well i noticed maybe because of all the nodes so close together also the vegitive growth is easy to clone but takes up to 2 weeks sometimes
  6. chunkdaddy is right. and if you want clone's then just get a non autoflowering strain and have a mother plant to take clones off of...you will get far more yield,and can control when to flower.
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    i guess this strain might be worth money then i need to make me some female seeds forcing one of my female clones to make some male parts and let it pollinate itself what do you think .. this shit would be perfect for my area i live in northwest .. washington state where outsdoor budding season is to short for any plants to fully mature but with this strain it would be feasible my mom has 5 acres i should ask her to borrow some space i live in city and i grow the strain indoors but i like the idea of using free energy .. sun but i bet that will never happen i will just be happy with indoor for now
  8. Bumping cause I'm also interested in the prebious question.

    Regarding auto strainsm if you turned a female clone into hermaphrodite to pollinate itself and produce seeds, would plants of any worth come out of it?
  9. Those seed would then most likely produce hermi plants.

  10. Ahem... correct me if I'm wrong, but...

    I think the seeds would be all be MF seeds. Meaning they can be male or female. This is because to stress the plant into hermaphroditic sex, it would need to have the ability to produce male flowers as well as female flowers in the first place. I'm just learning about breeding recently, but I don't see how breeding an MF plant with itself could produce anything but MF plants. Enlighten me?

    The seeds may be genetic hermaphrodites, but this is only if that specimen from that strain has the hermaphrodite genes.

    Its not good to self-pollinate for the same reason its not good to have kids with your sister. They have a very small gene pool to select from, and thus usually wind up with shitty genetic material.

    It is best to find an MF plant, stress it into showing its nanners, then take a plant that you know is FF ( True female. Stress tests on clones taken from the mother show no nanners, no matter what.) and pollinate away.

    There you have it. Feminized seeds, little chance of hermaphrodites.

    Now can someone tell me the best way to be self-sufficient with autoflowers?

    I'd love to go the feminized road and just clone the suckers, but this seems to be either stupid or just prolonging my need to buy more seeds. So I figure, I can just grow some out for seed and if I wanted, feminize my own seeds. This seems like so much more trouble.

    Any help for someone who used to think they knew it all?
  11. or you can make cs, with a 99.9% silver coin, and spray female buds with the cs. this will cause it to make feminized seeds. google how to make the cs. its very easy.

  12. Making colloidal silver, or using it?

    I have a very good question.
    Does the silver not just act as a hormone inside the plant, triggering it to become a hermaphrodite? Or does it actually allow the plant to produce seeds without pollen?

    Another question, that probably has the same answer as those two. ^^

    If I treat an FF plant with the silver, will it still produce male flowers/self-pollinated seeds?

    I think it would be better to not use the seeds from the plant you used the silver on, but to use the seed of other female plants that were pollinated by you're colloidal silver-treated plant.

    IDK because I'm not sure if colloidal silver triggers the plant to become a hermie or just causes seed production. In my opinion, the latter would be like a milkshake you could drink that would get you pregnant, and is very unlikely.

    What would hypothetically interest me the most would be if colloidal silver can turn a FF into a hermaphrodite. Somehow awaken a dormant genetic process that the plant cannot naturaly produce the hormones to start?

    Wouldn't that be wicked awesome?
  13. For femmed seeds you want a true female. One that can not be turned hermie through stress only by allowing it to go longer (which is called the rodelization method. I heard it works on autoflowers no first hand experience myself). The other would be to treat this plant with chemicals (gibberellic acid or colloidal silver). Now as far as treating a branch and seeding the same plant I hear its not recommended but not sure if it really matters IMO. Genetics I would think would still be the same though I have yet to do it (+ breeding with the same strain will cause lost vigor because of inbreeding).
  14. If you polinate a hermy with itself, then the resulting plants are 100% female, but they are very easy to hermy, so they aren't very useful. If you cross these plants with a normal male, then you get femanized seeds that are 80% female and are significantly less likely to hermy, although more likely than normal seeds.

    What I have heard of people doing with autoflowers is to plant a number of seeds and when you get a male, you pull it out. Then you take one female and let the male pollinate it and then put it back in with the others and you will then have one female that will give you enough seeds to last a little while. Then when you need more, you repeat.

    Although I don't know for sure, it does seem like the more generations you grow this way the more likely it is that you'll get back to a standard 50/50 male/female mix and your seeds would be less femanized, but if you are growing your own like that it wouldn't matter quite as much as long as you compensate for that.

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