can you clone a clone?

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  1. i've been reading a lot lately about growing, and was wondering if for example, i start off with 2 seeds, they both grow, they're both females, i clone say 4, and then keep them growing until they're old enough to flower. should I also force-flower the mothers? or keep the mothers for future cloning? and just force-flower the clones?

    thanks guys :)
  2. Personally, I'd keep the mothers (that is, the two original females) in constant vegging. That way, you can continue to take clones whenever you want, however large or small you want, and generally produce a steady supply of bud.
  3. that's what I was thinking.

    but how long do you think it will be before the mothers die if i keep using them to clone (then using the clones to flower after they grow to the right age)? is there an age limit to how old you can keep these mother plants?

  4. givin the right conditions you can keep it for as long as you really like, but what you should do is grow the two seeds and if they both turn females you should take cuttings to clone them say 4 cuttings then flower both those females and then once there done flowering take 4 cuttings off the best looking female clone to clone that again... but you should replace a mother plant with one of its clones every 2 or 3 rounds of clipping.
  5. sorry for the hijack but once you take a clone from a mother plant how long should you leave your mother plant before flowering or taking more clone's?
    thanks allan

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