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can you clean you glass pipe with lemon juice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kb1oks, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. ok so today i was talking to a friend we were walking back from our local cvs i was looking at some stuff to clean the pipe i was like yeah we need this stuff to clean the alcohol stuff he like no it chemical stuff and we started arguing but in a funny way and he like lemon juice use that it natural worked when we cleaned our hookah but its way different i want to know if you can clean you glass pipe with straight up lemon juice
  2. you need to stop skipping english class to smoke dank
  3. um ok that has nothing to do with this topic man
  4. I dont think the lemon juice will be very effective. I think alcohol, epson salt, some pipe cleaners, then wash it well with soap when ur done

  5. Wouldn't hurt to use some punctuation, though. It would make your post much easier to understand. :p

    I'm sure lemon juice can be used this way, but it's not a great cleaner. If you have a pipe that is barely dirty then I'm sure lemon juice would do the job, but for more resin-filled pieces you'll probably need something stronger like isopropyl alcohol.

    Be sure to rinse it out really well either way, because sticky leftover lemon juice would probably just make your piece even harder to clean in the future.
  6. Lemon juice is like .3M(pH 2-3) in acidity.
    It could probably clean the pipe but seriously man just use 90% isopropyl alcohol. Then wash it with warm water and soap.
    Or get some tongs and hold it in a pot of boiling water.

    Try the lemon juice and let us know. But you'd probably need 5+ lemons for enough juice to submerge the pipe in a baggy and whatnot

  7. well i mean im doing the isopropyl my friend thinks he know everything he scared he going to smoke the chemical so i just clean out with isopropyl and them put some lemon juice in there i did that before worked for me and he never knew lol
  8. Does he by any chance smoke cigarettes?
  9. Ok, now I'm :confused:

  10. Clarification: He said his friend was worried about smoking "Chemicals" in iso. alcohol.
    I was just asking because there's far worse chemicals in cigarettes than smoking from a pipe that's been washed with alcohol.
  11. Except iso evaporates, your pipe is going to be very sticky if you clean it with lemon juice.

    Tell your friend to stop being a vagina.
  12. You need to learn about appostrophes, commas, and plurals dawg, come on now.

  13. No he does not smoke cigarettes he just be so annoying because i was like dude i rather listen to people who done it for a while and know what there doing but he just argues and argues you know.
  14. Lemon Juice? That might leave an awkward aftertaste in the pipe, or perhaps not. Easier to just use Iso alcohol like the others have suggested, no worries on chemicals afterwards since it will just evaporate eventually anyways.
  15. I assume from your avatar english is your second language. That is why I will not complain about your grammar.

    And proceed to toke in front of him.
    Limon juice es steeky
  16. Girl at my lbs today said boil your piece then put some hand sanitizer in. Idk if it works, I'm thinkin of trying it soon though.
  17. [quote name='"coalition17"']I assume from your avatar english is your second language. That is why I will not complain about your grammar.

    And proceed to toke in front of him.
    Limon juice es steeky[/quote]

    Wow dude I was born In America I'm to lazy and my typeing is not even that bad And yea I agree with you about my friend
  18. Yea man I do it all the time you just drink that shit after and it gets you so baked makes me feel like an antelope I also dont like commas because tey are evil little fuckers and will try and destroy us all.
  19. Your problem is trying to win a discussion with him by saying "people on the internet told me so". That is why he keeps arguing. Explain to him that what isopropyl alcohol is, how it's used a cleaner, and explain that it quickly evaporates, leaving behind water (which also evaporates). No chemicals...

    If you explain the facts intelligently, and explain to him how lemon juice is a poor cleaner, and far too dilute to be useful as a clean from it's acidic properties. It will result in a sticky piece, and might even ruin the glass.

    And there is nothing lazy about not using punctuation, it is just blatant disregard. People are begging you to use better punctuation, to better understand you. It takes no longer to type with punctuation than it does without, unless you have to look down at your keyboard to type, or you type with one finger due to some severe accident where you lost your 9 other digits.

    The argument that "i'm lazy, it saves time" is so flawed, that's what pisses people off more about punctuation, not the fact that they are grammar nazis, but because they can see you clearly don't care. (not directed at you, but everyone who uses that excuse, which does include you)

    Not bashing, just trying to help you see more clearer why the way you type will set some people off. I don't personally care, I usually skip past threads I can't read due to punctuation and simple grammar.
  20. Well, if you want answers from more people, I'd suggest speaking clearly. All kinds of people read this post, and decided your advice was untrustable because you sound like you have a metal disability.

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