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Can you chew weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by MEGADEATH88, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Can you chew weed?
  2. why would you want to?
  3. Yes, but it wouldn't do anything and is a terrible waste of money and weed, not to mention the fact that it's simply a very stupid idea.
  4. Yes you can chew weed. No you can not get high from chewing weed. The THC (the chemical that makes you high) needs to be activated. Check the incredible edible herb forum.
  5. Recently someone told me they had to eat 8 grams before and he got real high because of it.

    I said I thought it had to be activated with fat or alcohol to get you high. But he didn't so I don't know.
  6. Lol, its activated with heat, not fat. The fat absorbs it when its activated ;) so then you can eat the fat.
  7. Nope, don't think you can... there would be no point.
  8. THC must be decarboxylated with heat. End of story.
  9. You can get high from eating it but you will waste 90% of the THC. Most of it is in the form of an acid and as the poster above says it needs to lose a carboxyl group in order to be isomerized into the more highly psychoactive form.

    You would have to eat ten times as much if it's not burned, heated to the vaporization point, or cooked.
  10. agreed...once in the Bahamas I had about a g and a half left, but my mom had found my bowl and trashed it by this point and my flight was hours away, so i just decided "fuck it, i'll eat the trees if i can't smoke em"... In this situation i can at least say i didn't waste the weed by throwing it away...i got a VERY mild body high for a couple of hours but nothing worth substituting smoking for. On the whole unless you have no other recourse (or the cops stop you) don't eat your weed.

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